I can’t work all these shifts

My schedule is terrible next week. I have to work almost every day and I won’t be able to move out or clean the house and the kitchen. I can barely do anything as it is. I was seriously considering making a major painful change and quitting the job. There is a concept of “now or never” which I am able to think about when using small amounts of bacopa. The bacopa – I have used it only intermittently in tiny doses. I need to make major changes though. When I try to think of it I get blasted with mind control voices screaming DON’T LEAVE, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE. They blast me with this attack the instant I start using my brain to “warp the timeline.” I was imagining changing the future. I can do it, but it requires ripping everything up in a painful way. I need to escape this town, and also must find out if the mind control attacks stop when I leave the country. I know another victim who claims they do, for him.

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