Contradiction in the bible – the weaker parts have value and are indispensable

On July 4th I ate at Aunt Jean’s house at Foxdale. She gave me a little Christian magazine called The Upper Room. I just happened to open it while making my coffee just now and saw the page which I’ve attached as a photo – I think it will be at the end. It says, the foot can’t say to the hand "I don’t need you" or something like that. This directly contradicts the horrifying section that says, If thine eye offends thee, gouge it out, because it’s better to lose a small part than the whole. There are extremely rare occasions where it might be desirable to chop off a body part before a poison spreads, maybe, although I’m not sure. But this contradicts that because this part of the Bible wasn’t Jesus, and Jesus was an asshole. This was Corinthians. I had to deal with voices in my head bothering me about racism, which they ought to direct to the other voices who are encouraging it. This fits with racism too then.

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