I forget what I was going to write about

I sat down to write this text on my phone and saw I had a call from Dad on the other phone, so I listened to his message and forgot what I was about to say here. Today I have to make and receive calls from storage units. They’re not open on weekends. I’m guessing my blood pressure is still insanely low. I can get tiny packets of iodized salt without having to buy a whole box of it, so I will do that today. I don’t want a lot of it because it also contains anti-caking agents. Normally I wouldn’t use it. But I suspect my thyroid got killed by kale. So use of iodized salt is temporary until I get back up to what chronic fatigue sufferers call the normal shitty baseline. Yesterday evening I still didn’t use the internet – I have to go retrieve the password, since I deliberately erased it, which is a minor inconvenience that effectively stops me from using the net. I’m off the eleuthero for now, as it may have worsened the sleepiness, and gave me drug induced mental states (excessive tolerance for, and interest in, conspiracy theories, such as the murder of that singer – normally I accept these theories but have no interest in them – I think they are associated with the ESTP, my socionic contrary). I still don’t know how to make a paragraph in a text message, maybe with HTML, so my text message blogs are always a wall of text. I’m going to a new place, camping most likely, with my stuff in storage instead of in the tent. I wouldn’t mind it so much but the tent is not in really good shape. It’s also very slanted, because I moved it in a hurry when the police came. Normally I make a flat pile of sticks to put the tent on.

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