Thinking of how to raise my blood pressure today

The number might be somewhat inaccurate, and the machine offered to do it again to get an “average,” but I wasn’t gonna tourniquet my arm again right after doing it once. It hurts. It takes a couple minutes to recover, especially since I have no blood pressure! I actually do not have salt, believe it or not, except in the fermented fish sauce. I forgot I had that. Is that iodized? There is no way to know. I have not tried to deliberately get iodine; however, ironically, I noticed that I temporarily felt good the day after I got a toxic radioactive iodine injection for my CT scan when I thought I had a hernia. If my body is happy to receive even radioactive iodine, that shows I need it, and maybe I should try to get some that isn’t radioactive. I temporarily disabled my internet connection, by erasing the password, so I wouldn’t fool around all day, so I’m texting this on my phone. I would prefer sea salt, and NOT pink Himalayan, because that has so much mineral iron it actually makes me constipated. However, sea salt may have only traces of iodine, an unknown amount. It might be there, but nobody except me gives enough of a fuck to painstakingly analyze the exact amount of each mineral there is in sea salt. I might mix fish sauce in my food for starters. It will at least give me salt induced blood pressure, even if not iodine. I’m just so dead I can’t do anything. All I can do is sit like a retarded zombie and mess around on the internet, or sleep. That’s why I removed the internet password for now.

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