I’m taking a few things to my secret forbidden compost pile in a patch of woods nearby. I hate to throw meat in the trash, but I bought these fried chicken tenders from Weis the day I went to DelGrosso’s, and they were all stale and dried out and inedible. I will also take the pack of organic baby kale, with terrible regret. This isn’t the first time that I have implicated kale as the trigger for extremely severe prolonged fatigue and apathy. I had green smoothies with kale in them from a store in town, intermittently over a couple weeks, and became an utterly incapacitated zombie. I know I already have chronic fatigue syndrome, but this was *below* my normal shitty baseline. Same with now – much much worse than usual, and nothing rouses me from it. The salty fish sauce helped a little bit. I ate this ham salad wedge sandwich I bought at Weis, and dipped it in fish sauce. Oh, someday you will see, when I can cook for myself again, and have my own freezer and an entire house devoted to ergonomic food production. I might have goats. I am greatly enjoying the whole raw goat milk, but it doesn’t claim to be grassfed (or “appropriately fed” for goats, as they will eat any forage and weeds). I will grow serviceberries and wild blueberries and wild native strawberries (I passionately loathe domesticated blueberries and strawberries, and wouldn’t be caught dead deliberately planting them – they are a bane upon humanity. You can quote me on this if you ever catch me doing it in the future.). I will grow a great many native edible plants, and will test them. You just wait till I own some land. Then the fun begins. I might make treehouses full of potted plants in an uncut forest, with maybe only some upper branches cut out of the way. I’ll make vertical food forests.

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