Chris Cornell of Soundgarden murdered, either directly or indirectly; Masons might be involved

5:45 AM 7/9/2017

‘Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart’ is the video they were talking about, which was before his death (obviously)

‘Let it go’ is the theme, or rather, it was, that the voices were bombarding me with lately – and, lo and behold, here it appears again in an internet forum, this time, telling some people to ‘Let the dead rest OP’ [OP = original poster], the VERY FIRST reply to someone talking about Chris Cornell being murdered.

I was able to read that page merely by clicking ‘yes’ to the agreement. I was afraid that I would have to sign up, but I didn’t.

I don’t listen to Soundgarden, and had no idea who Chris Cornell was. But I googled ‘Chris Cornell was murdered.’ That’s because, years ago, I watched a movie called ‘Kurt and Courtney’ that convinced me that Kurt Cobain was murdered by Courtney Love. I never liked Kurt Cobain or Nirvana, but Rachael did. So that was why I had any interest in it at all.

Well, it turns out there are in fact people saying Chris Cornell was murdered. And one person in this forum said there was a video which portrays him being hung, and a woman getting off on it – before the murder happened (or rather before the death happened). I haven’t found this video yet.

Ativan is also involved. He says he took a couple extra Ativans, an anti-anxiety drug. However, that does not rule out murder. Knowing what I know about mind control, it’s possible to force someone to kill themselves, by attacking them with electronic weapons. It’s especially easy to do this as soon as they’re on drugs.

I’m also going to say something kind of supernatural, so bear with me, and don’t let this particular idea make you dismiss everything else I’ve said. I had experiences when I took Prozac, very briefly, which were so strange that they were outside the realm of normal experience. I could not tell if they were real or if I was hallucinating. First, there was an incident where an invisible ghost was pulling down the sheets on my bed when I was sleeping. The bedsheets were being pulled downwards off my body, but I couldn’t see anybody there. I remember snapping more awake and whatever was happening stopped happening. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

I also had light bulbs exploding, incandescent bulbs, not actually ‘exploding’ with shattering glass, but burning out. I don’t know if it was ‘merely’ the result of an escalation of the electronic mind control attacks. This ‘escalation of attacks’ always occurred when I was on Prozac or other antidepressants.

I can say that the electronic weapon attacks escalated when I was on drugs. This means ‘murder.’ As in, the external people attacking me (and other victims) start attacking even worse whenever you’re on drugs. It’s like, ‘Hey, she’s on drugs now, do whatever you want, go all out, don’t hold back, do everything you can to drive her crazy right now.’ Again, that qualifies as murder.

The ‘supernatural’ feeling, however, was more like something invisible entering the room and doing things, and if people have enough technology, yes, they can become invisible, it’s just that I don’t normally claim that that’s happening because I don’t experience it. Other victims do.

I’m saying that some of it *might possibly* actually originate from within the person who is on drugs, by means of their electromagnetic field being different. I do not know the extent of the naturally occurring telepathic abilities of humans, if there is such a thing as naturally occurring telepathy and telekinesis, or if there is such a thing as living beings who exist as energy. Those are all

I do not know how to distinguish between a naturally occurring human ability, versus an electronic weapon phenomenon.

I guess I will just say what I’m imagining happening, which is, that he was on Ativan at the time, but he didn’t voluntarily kill himself; however, it went beyond merely some people sitting outside attacking him with electronic weapons, it might have actually been some entity or creature that entered the room and murdered him. Some people are saying that the objects in the room, the way things were arranged, made it look like a murder scene, not a suicide scene.

The only reason I would imagine something like that at all is because I have been reading about people being able to walk through walls.

I’m sick of this ‘let it go’ bombardment. It’s happening now.

Someone in this forum said they played Led Zeppelin’s ‘My Time of Dying,’ which wasn’t on the playlist, at the very end.

Somebody dropped a link to a bunch of stuff which is encoded. First, they wrote a youtube link backwards. I was able to get to that video by typing it backwards. The whole video is a 30 minute video talking about various calculations, and it has some stuff written in Russian. I don’t have the sound turned on so I’m not hearing whatever they’re saying. It’s called ‘Pi Masons 27/8’. I’m assuming that’s the video with the woman gyrating while he gets hung. The previous link to the video given said its CONTENT WAS MISSING. We won’t be able to find that video on the internet anymore. So, someone would have to decode whatever the heck this ‘Pi Masons’ thing is. Whatever this is… it doesn’t look good.

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