Beware, ‘Let It Go’ is the new recurring troll message. Find a rebuttal! I’m stupidly persistent and proud of it

“DUDE .. let it go… he was an addict… its TORTURE evry day… like curt he HURT bad…and the best pain crap is smack or methodone.. and once your on it your cooked… let it go let him finally REST man.. an i know ive been in an out of detroit music scene since 81… yeah st andrews crap…and the worst asshole in detroit scene…the ex owner of st. Andrews .. if your in the scene you know… Connect THAT”

What does ‘let it go’ imply? It suggests that you are being stupidly stubborn by repeatedly doing something when it is futile. It triggers the emotions that are always triggered by trolls – humiliation, embarrassment, uncertainty, insecurity. Watch out for those emotions! If you feel that emotion being triggered, you very likely are dealing with a troll. It’s a very fast, small emotion. It’s like you suddenly got stabbed in the heart, very quickly.

There are other attacks that trigger that emotion in me, but I forget what they are. That’s the trick – you forget it until it happens, and by then, you’ve forgotten it and you are undefended. You forget how to respond to it. This is using socionics against you – any of the types who have an ethics function of any kind as their vulnerable function, whether it’s +Fi, -Fi, +Fe, or -Fe, will be vulnerable to some kind of emotion attack by trolls, and every single time it happens, they will have forgotten the last time it happened, because that is the nature of a vulnerable function.

You need a rebuttal to any form of ‘let it go’ argument. I’m stupidly persistent and proud of it. Remember Robin Williams in ‘What Dreams May Come.’ The ultimate troll, the guy with glasses, the tracker, says to him, ‘Did anyone ever tell you that being persistent is kind of stupid?’ (or something to that effect, and I can’t remember the exact quote), and Robin Williams says, ‘All the time.’ I might be remembering this wrong and would have to find the exact quote.

3 Responses to “Beware, ‘Let It Go’ is the new recurring troll message. Find a rebuttal! I’m stupidly persistent and proud of it”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That is a historical fact no matter how much Schlomo (or Schlometta) wants to jump up and down and scream fascist, holocaust, racist and whatever else an education limited to the inhalation of their own flatulence can come up with.

  2. Anonymous Says:,1472944/

  3. Nicole Says:

    At least they’re not bulldozing it. Somebody just recently demolished the big giant brick smokestack next to the Penn State steam pipes place. I always liked that thing just because it was a visible landmark and it was old-fashioned looking. My aunt and I always used to eat at the Gamble Mill for our birthdays, which were close to the same date, but we haven’t been there since she moved to Foxdale. I imagine it’s not easy to make that place into a restaurant and make it profitable if you have to keep it set up as it is because it’s historic and it wasn’t designed to be a restaurant. There are probably some limits on what modifications you can make.

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