Today, it’s baby food, in jars

I think this is the kind of crazy spontaneous thing that I do when I’m on drugs. I have taken the eleuthero (Siberian root) once a day since I got it, which is only like two or three times now. It might be making me sleepy, I’m not sure yet. I was hoping it would help me get stuff done having to do with moving out. But so far nothing productive has been done, although I’ve looked up the locations of storage units and made a few calls. The only places with openings are slightly outside the edge of town, which is okay, since I will have a rental car.

This is preferable to storing it in the tent. One, I can go there in the daytime, whereas I have to do it secretly at night when I move stuff to and from the tent. Two, I can drive right up to it in a car, so there won’t be any long walk with either a dolly going over a lumpy rocky path, or, an angel, named Matthew, coming here to help me move the bags and then suddenly vanishing and deciding he hates my guts and wants nothing to do with me ever again, because I informed him of some things he didn’t like to hear, and expressed emotions he didn’t want me to feel. Anyway, third, if they are stored in a storage unit I won’t be as afraid of somebody ransacking my stuff, which could happen if the police get called on me while I’m camping.

And it’s obvious that I’m gonna be camping again, because nothing has been done towards getting me another apartment.

But, that ties in to what happened today, which is, I suddenly got the impulse to buy jars of baby food. I have done this before, several times over the years, and discovered that they are actually very good. They could be used in recipes for adults. It’s like having a smoothie without using a blender, except it’s cooked because it’s in a jar and has to be shelf stable. I bought organic ones, of course.

This is actually a very practical way for me to get *some* kind of vegetables while camping, and to get some variety. I do want to get dried foods, but this is extremely easy – just open the jar and eat it. It’s tiny little jars, so nothing goes to waste and nothing spoils, because I cannot eat an entire huge can of anything else – I actually hate canned food while camping. I’ll eat three bites, go ‘Yuck, this is disgusting, I can’t eat any more of this,’ and then the rest of it gets thrown away because it cannot be stored at room temperature once it’s opened. The quality of canned food is usually horrible, which is why it’s so sickening after only a couple bites.

And I love the little tiny jars. I will keep them and maybe use them for my essential oils. I have been putting the essential oils into random plastic containers, but it’s hard to shut them if you want to turn off the smell. A jar will completely enclose the smell if I don’t want it anymore.

I need to do something with all those berries that Kat and I picked. I was planning on drying them out, but now I have only two weeks till I leave. If I don’t dry them soon, it won’t happen. Last time, I dried my serviceberries on a couple of little baskets from Goodwill, which cost a couple cents. They dried well and were edible for a long time. I have them in the freezer now and I’m not eating them every day.

I really need to successfully sprout some serviceberries. They are extremely reluctant to sprout from seed. They have to have all these things done to them, like being put in the refrigerator for a couple months. I tried peeling the skins off them with a knife, tiny little seeds the size of sesame seeds, which I held between my fingers, because the skins usually contain the anti-sprouting enzymes, whatever those are called, and I successfully sprouted avocado seeds by peeling the entire skin off the whole seed. Sprouting inhibitors, growth inhibitors, whatever. However, the serviceberries still didn’t sprout even after I peeled their skins off. But I didn’t have a good place to put them, and could not drain the water – the water needs drained to get rid of the dissolved inhibitors. I couldn’t do that, because I just stuck them into plastic egg carton cups, since that was all I had. I would need to put them on top of cheesecloth, which I have now – I bought some. Then I could lift them up on the cheesecloth which would drain the water out of them.

But, as always, right when I’m in the middle of trying to start some kind of a project, any kind of project at all, something happens to totally upset my life and I have to abandon everything all at once.

I NEED A HOUSE. I NEED A FUCKING HOUSE OF MY OWN WHERE I WILL NOT BE EVICTED EVERY FUCKING MONTH. I need to stop living in apartments, stop getting leases, stop getting sublets.

I couldn’t get a permanent lease at this particular place because the lady at the desk told me that she needed an income history, and I had to be working at the same job for an entire year. That would’ve been easy in the past when I was working at McDonald’s for a long time, but now I’ve only worked at MM for a few months. And that job is so wrong for me that I need to quit and go someplace else. I totally hate the work I have to do, even though it is not really that unreasonable in the big scheme of things. I especially hate making food in a non-ergonomic kitchen, foods that are absolutely not meant to be made quickly and easily, but rather take half an hour to make, while impatient customers line up and interrupt you so you have to keep jumping back and forth from making food to ringing people up on the cash register.

Oh, I saw something I want. On some kind of
survival-prepping-subsistence type web page, somebody suggested building your own shelves that would make your cans and jars go in a first-in-first-out movement. I love that idea. When I stock the drinks at work, it’s much easier to just push everything back, so that the ones in the back are expiring and going stale. It’s extremely hard to remove all the ones in the front unless you wait until they are almost totally empty before you refill it. So you need a hole to put the new drinks into, which will slide them down a chute and put them into the backs of the rows. It would be easy to do. They showed a diagram, and the details don’t matter, I got the idea of what it was. It doesn’t matter that there are multiple rows on the ones at work. You just open and close whichever row you want it to go into.

Nothing insurmountable. Why don’t we have this everywhere? For the same reason that we still use psychological pricing that ends in .99, and for the same reason we have Daylight Saving Time, and for the same reason that we still work an inflexible 9-5 shift at jobs where the time that you’re there doesn’t even matter – because the overwhelming majority of society is made up of idiots who don’t give a fuck about anything that I myself care about. Morons. Millions and millions of morons who have the power to decide what they want to force all the smart people to do and to put up with.

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