Kale suppresses thyroid on the first day

I had bought a container of baby kale, organic, the day before and was eating some of it raw. It’s a cruciferous vegetable, so it interferes with thyroid, and also, as I read just recently, it interferes with Phase I of metabolizing toxic substances, but they rationalized that interfering with detox was good, not bad, because, by their twisted rationale, it thereby precented Phase II from being "overloaded." This gets the WTF award of the year.

I usually don’t eat kale – the last couple times I did, I was utterly exhausted immediately. Yesterday, the same thing happened, I just laid around all day and could not move to do the simplest thing in spite of strong coffee and also siberian root.

I also had urgent diarrhea since I started eating the kale. I remember once I tried eating collard greens, and I had diarrhea while trying on clothes at a store. I can’t remember whether I made it to the toilet or not. I think I either barely made it, or did not. I just remembered forever after not to try to cook collard greens on my own. From what I hear, they get cooked for hours or days, like beans.

Kale apparently also has to be overcooked to get rid of the diarrhea inducing properties, which goes against all the raw kale enthusiasts. But even without the diarrhea, the incapacitating exhaustion was enough to make me stop eating kale.

I am strongly considering throwing it over the hill to the unofficial compost area. I cannot afford to have my thyroid suppressed for the next three weeks, which is how long it will take to eat that giant container. I also don’t feel like testing whether or not cooking it at a boil for five hours might help. Maybe I will test that in the future but don’t feel like dealing with it now.

I am just remembering how mystified I was when I drank green smoothies daily over a period of weeks, intermittently, not every day, and was dead exhausted all those weeks and had no idea what was wrong. This is not the time to be testing kale. I have to move out of this apartment.

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