“I don’t need apologies, I need solutions” – the current theme

That is one of the rebuttals that I am giving to ‘them’ now every time they apologize. They very frequently say ‘I’m sorry’ – that’s one of the most frequent things the voices say – and it’s annoying, and it’s always been annoying. You’re supposed to just stop caring about anything that bothers you, because somebody apologized. Okay, now I can keep doing whatever I want to, because I apologized. La la la, let’s murder some people. Oops! I’m sorry. Okay, I apologized. Time to murder some more people. La la la.

It’s annoying to hear voices in my head at all, regardless of the content. Sometimes I am in a mood where I retaliate against them by telling every single one of them that they’re an A.I. Then they *really* freak out. But an AI is capable of being programmed to freak out if it’s accused of being an AI and to pretend to have emotional reactions and to pretend to be offended and all that. These are just physical sensations given to my brain by means of electronic weapons. You can pick any physical sensation you want, including the physical sensation of being hurt and offended emotionally. Just another frequency amongst all the frequencies.

I need to get some work done today and I need to rent a car.

I don’t need apologies. I need solutions. This means: real, tangible, physical changes in the physical world, in the real things that are happening. Not mere changes of attitude. Not mere changes of perspective. Not mere changes of emotions. If any changes of attitude, emotion, or perspective do occur, these should be
life-changing insights that result in *changed behavior*. That is the whole purpose of an insight. If it doesn’t change your behavior, it isn’t an insight. I’m done.

I need to eat some other food besides whatever I ate before my coffee – it wasn’t enough. I’m still grouchy.

I need some more rebuttals for the annoying things that the voices constantly say. They say the same stupid, pre-programmed, meaningless garbage over and over again. Then they go through a little process of trying to force me to interact with the meaningless garbage as though it is a living person, when it’s just a computer program. Over and over again, all day and all night long. Interact with meaningless garbage generated by a computer. Pretend it’s real. Pretend its feelings matter. Over and over. I need more rebuttals against this stupidity.

I am definitely very grouchy, so I will get some food first and then do other stuff.


One Response to ““I don’t need apologies, I need solutions” – the current theme”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

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    What are your feelings on trap vasectomize return?

    Do you think that both are playing the hand of God and micromanaging nature?

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