Remembering a random guy from college; how does LinkedIn know that I know Anjier?

LinkedIn somehow knows that I know Anjier. It suggested her for me. I have absolutely nothing written anywhere that could tell LinkedIn that I have any connection to her at all. (*Edit, as soon as I posted this, I suddenly realized, she might have actually searched for *me* on LinkedIn, since we’ve emailed each other and she knows how to spell my last name.  That means LinkedIn is a tattletale that recommends friends to you based on who is stalking you on the internet, which means Matthew is getting all these emails from LinkedIn saying ‘Do you know Nicole?  She’s been looking for you on LinkedIn.  I think she likes you.  You should be friends with her.’*)

I don’t have any web pages where my current address and room number have been written down. My address is the UPS store box and has been for many years, and only rarely do I ever get something delivered to the house where I live, and the last time I did that, it was several addresses ago, and definitely not this address. So, nobody knows that I live here. That means LinkedIn is actually detecting my IP address or something that indicates that she and I live in the same house and are using the same internet connection. Whatever it’s looking at, it’s something in the hardware. But the excuse that it gave me was something like ‘You live and work in the same area,’ or something really vague like that. Yes – I live and work in a town with about 40,000 people or something, aside from the college students.

I suddenly had the random idea to google a guy from college in the mid-1990s who I briefly had a very mild crush on from afar. His name was Jacob. If I ever spoke to him, it would have been something like ‘Please pass the salt.’ I only saw him at the cafeteria and I don’t think I ever had any classes with him. I didn’t even use salt. So I might have said ‘Excuse me’ if he was standing in my way. I probably made eye contact with him a couple times.

He was tall and thin, and he had slightly longish hair at the time, wavy brown hair. I think he might have had glasses but I forget. He was this high, beautiful, intelligent, outgoing person who was involved in some kind of activities. He was doing something ‘important.’ I couldn’t recall what it was.

I found him on LinkedIn and it said something like, he had been on the school council or was the president of it or something.

The feeling I had about him was similar to that song, ‘She’s so high above me.’ I felt like a mundane little peasant next to him. He was glorious and beautiful and wonderful and amazing, and I was boring and dull and stupid and worthless. I knew there was absolutely no chance that he would ever, ever be attracted to me. However, I do remember I somehow had a brief conversation with him, maybe just a couple sentences, and I found out he was actually nice and he seemed to like me or respect me somehow.

So, I guess that’s why I had the suggestion to look him up – to try to guess what type he was. I had considered that he could be a Delta extravert, either ENFP or ESTJ. He is now an architect and he went out west to someplace like Oregon and is the owner of a company. He still looks similar to the way he looked back then, still very skinny, and I was able to recognize his face. I know people’s faces change a lot when they become an adult, and I knew him in his late teens and early twenties in college. He cut his hair, of course – they always do. (that is why I have an intentional community.)

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