Video of Rick D. singing while cameraperson sits very far away having a seizure

Apparently I got the suggestion to go look at Rick D’s facebook page and saw a video with him singing, too. But the person filming was apparently zooming in from far away, and going so far away from the subject of the filming that they were sometimes filming random spots on the floor for several seconds at a time, and so on.

That type of singing is the reason why I enjoyed going to the Catholic church for Christmas with Steve a few years ago. I like the singing of people, in a space with the right kind of acoustics, without any instruments or very few limited instruments in the background.

The video with Matthew singing did not have his actual song playing. It was showing who was in the battle of the bands. It had some overlay music that had no connection to what was in the video. It showed him for like a nanosecond a couple of times.

I really, really need to write songs. A long time ago I found good electronic music on, but then that website was destroyed. Now I can’t find that kind of music anywhere, just spam. It’s easy to write spam. Like the song ‘Yeah,’ by Usher, all you have to do is make a loop that repeats itself, without changing, ever, for the entire song. Just copy-and-paste, and you’re a millionaire! Your song will be torturing innocent victims for the next 50 years on the oldies stations!

However, for some reason, some benevolent angel reminded me of one of my electronic songs, which is on one of my old CDs and my old computer in WV, which I don’t have now. I forget the name or the band. It wasn’t the best song in the universe, but it was a cheerful song, and that was what mattered to me. You see, I have very little reason for joy and happiness in my life, although, at the same time, my life is not terrible. It’s just that I have chronic fatigue syndrome, poor nutrition, and constant low-level pain, along with electrosensitivity and mind control attacks. I can’t focus enough to experience joy and happiness for more than a few seconds. I require much better health and nutrition and fresh air, extremely fresh air, with no radio waves in it, and lots of negative ions, to *even begin* to experience the faintest hints of joy.

But when the music is right, I can have joy which goes on for three or four solid minutes! I get into the song and it makes it easy for me to be happy. The song has to be exactly right. It doesn’t have to have words. It helps if it does have words, if they are *good* words, but I cannot define what that would be, because it is always unexpected and unpredictable.

I need new joyful songs, and they need to be programmed exactly right for my kind of brain. Not the type of joy that others experience, but the type of joy that *I* experience, with music. I haven’t collected songs in a long time.

I do love Matthew’s song that I heard, and I do love the ‘Coffee Shop’ song (I suspect he is probably INFJ based on interviews), but at the same time, they are too gentle for my energy. My energy has to dance and be ecstatic, because I have nothing else in life that gives me this ecstasy. It can only be created through sound. It is the secret, the thing that keeps me alive. I know it is there, I know it exists, I know it is real, because I’ve felt it. I had it years ago. I need to write my own songs. Note, this is not to diss any songs by Matthew or others – I absolutely love them and will snatch them up whenever I find them! But I need to make my own and I need to find my own customized songs for me, for my brain, to put me into a state of energetic ecstatic joy of life.


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