Could ‘Vaxxed’ be why we’re not allowed to research movies?; and, a parody of the ‘short list’ web page at its worst

There may have actually been a real government-sponsored
disinformation attack to get rid of any decent information about how to make low budget movies, and maybe it was retaliation against the makers of the movie ‘Vaxxed.’ Usually, disinformation trolls center around health topics like vaccines. So they wanted to make it really difficult for anybody else to get an idea to make their own zero budget movie. Maybe this really was an actual, deliberate ‘forum slide’ in the search results.

A parody of the worst sort of page that I’m talking about.

5 things you need to keep in mind while making a low budget movie

“I once had a friend of a friend who said he wanted to make a movie. Here are some of his opinions! Hope they are helpful. Good luck!”

1. You can do it! Believe in yourself. [insert stock photo of someone cheering you on]

Click ‘next’ to see the next slide

[You click ‘next’ and an advertisement appears, which you have to wait for, but it never shows up because it takes so long to load, so you see nothing there, and you have to click a link that says ‘click here to go to next page’]

2. Find a friend who believes in you. All you need is some
encouragement! [insert stock photo of friends hugging]

Click ‘next’ —->

[The next page won’t even load at all. You disconnect the wifi, shut down and restart the browser, restart your computer after noticing that the ‘resource meter’ is using 100% of the CPU and clipping out. After finally restarting the browser and going back to the page, you are back on Page 1 and have to start from the beginning.]

1. You can do it! [stock photo of cheering person]

click next —>

[By now, you are silently screaming and experiencing painful agony in every fiber of your body and soul. If you are an alcoholic, you are craving a drink. If you are a smoker, you need to get up and go have a cigarette. I’m a coffee drinker who has often tried to stop drinking coffee, so at this time I would get up and make myself a cup of coffee.]

You see what I mean? That’s all I could find when I tried to search for the topic again.

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