Why does putting a weight on the front of the bike reduce pedaling effort?

Now that we’re talking about physics and forces, I noticed years ago that if I took my backpack off my back, and put it into the front bike basket (which was a crappy basket that ripped up all the paint on the front of the bike, and I don’t have it anymore, and it was a different bike), it suddenly made it take much less effort to pedal. The heavy weight on the front acted like a seesaw, lifting up the weight on the back on the bike, giving me an antigravity effect. I weighed less because something heavy was seesawing down the front of the bike over the pivot of the front wheel, except it wasn’t out over the pivot, it was behind it. It was easier to pedal up a hill. I researched this and found out that people had done a study and observed that it was easiest to pedal if you distributed at least some of the weight to the front of the bike. It seemed like it was even better to weigh more, as long as the weight was on the front – for instance, pedaling while carrying nothing at all would be more difficult than pedaling while carrying a bunch of added weight on the front. It was antigravity. Except technically not.

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