If hoaxes happen, then what is true disclosure?

I’m grouchy because I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so I will go eat after posting this.

11:32 AM 7/2/2017

I was reading about mermaids today, and the one that looked the most real and interesting was an alleged dead mermaid in Hawaii. However, while looking at one of the pictures, I noticed that some parts of the nearby sand seemed to be smeared with photoshop, as though they had gotten rid of the footprints. I also noticed that the sand was strangely piled up around her face and on her neck, in a granular way, as though the sand was disturbed.

But what I ‘liked’ about this believable mermaid was the fact that the hair wasn’t like human hair, it was more like tentacles coming off the head. It also had an unusual ribcage and some other unusual features that were not like a normal human body.

Some of the fake mermaid photos looked like somebody had an actual dead human body – and where did they get it from? Did they murder someone themselves? Did they get it from a morgue? And then they did other things to it in the PT Barnum style, attaching fish parts to the body.

I liked the Hawaii mermaid for having such long, graceful,
tentacle-like things and for having such a long tail. It almost looked like it could actually swim.

I hesitate to say that I ‘like’ the image of a dead woman. It could be a dead human corpse modified with something. It’s easy to make special effects. I can only say that they did a really good job on this particular hoax. However, I don’t like the smeared-out sand which looks obviously like it was altered by photoshop. Why remove the footprints or whatever was around the mermaid?

Anyway, I also looked at the PT Barnum ‘Feejee’ mermaid, which they said was a monkey’s body stitched together with a fish, perhaps a salmon.

There are actually people out there who do these things – people who work with dead bodies, people who work in a morgue, people who do taxidermy, hunters who keep animals as trophies.

So, when you encounter something like this, while simultaneously reading about ‘disclosure,’ it makes you ask some questions. I have to answer the question ‘What *is* disclosure, if hoaxes also exist?’

If there are such things as hoaxes, and if it’s hard to tell if an object is a very well-done hoax, if the best hoax you’ve seen has something like photoshopped-out footprints or markings in the sand around the mermaid, if that kind of thing happens, then how do you know that *any* disclosure is real?

Well, I can start from a larger perspective, which is the ‘the universe is huge and extremely old’ argument. The universe, and universes plural, are extremely huge beyond our comprehension, and extremely old beyond our comprehension, and extremely complicated beyond our comprehension. Therefore, lots of things are possible.

However, that doesn’t mean that everything which is possible has, in fact, happened. Just because something is possible does not mean it is inevitable.

So you *still* have to distinguish hoaxes from real disclosures.

I do know that enormous amounts of things are being hidden from us, and that enormous resources are being taken from us, stolen, and used by somebody somewhere, even if they are wasted. These enormous resources stolen from us can, indeed, pay for a secret space program, easily. They can pay for underground tunneling, in which people can get to the underworld, the deep, the abyss, the freshwater ocean underground, which is what made me start reading about mermaids. People really are doing those things. Do they tell us what they see? No. In fact, they kill people for talking about what they’ve seen. People are allowed to speculate as much as they want, but as soon as they get any *specific details*, such as specific names and specific locations, they are killed.

So, for instance, pizzagate. Pizzagate was unusual in that it was a disclosure of specific names and specific locations, which hackers and internet sleuths started investigating. These people were very good at researching all the details. They looked on web pages and found people’s names and their connections to other people. They found specific locations, and people even started going there trying to get a feel for the place and get photographs. Some of that ended when James Alefantis started fighting back, giving people death threats on the phone and in chat. James Alefantis’s unusual behavior, saying things like ‘This is YOUR world, this is YOUR culture, not mine,’ shows that he really does see himself as some kind of alien.

Computer hackers found things like the ‘menu’ on a computer, which implied that children were being killed and eaten and that they could be purchased for large sums of money.

If the NSA or whoever just recently released all these hacking tools, why aren’t people using those tools to hack into more places and find more pedophile rings where people are killing and eating children? Why hasn’t pizzagate developed any further? When I go read about it now, I see only recycled information and speculation, but no new material found by hackers.

Again, this semi-disclosure served someone’s purpose, which was to get Trump in office, surely. But then when it was no longer serving that purpose and no longer convenient for them to talk about it, they stopped allowing any real disclosures to happen.

I am being mind-controlled, and firmly held in place, even though I really want to leave this area. I know how thorough the mind control is. I know how large of an area it covers. I know how much they are able to control. They are able to control whether hackers suddenly get the impulse to hack into such-and-such a computer. They are able to control whether or not people give a damn about children being murdered, or whether they will be preoccupied with other things.

I do know one thing, which is that I want my people, MY PEOPLE. I want to be with MY PEOPLE, people who see things the same way I do, people with similar values, so that I do not have to fight and battle over every little detail of daily existence to get even the most trivial things that I want. This is why I am interested in socionics and why I will probably never stop being interested in it.

I do find a *lot* of agreement with other people of the same type that I am, and I do experience a lot of love and attraction to duals, based on my extremely brief little experience which was quickly destroyed and taken away from me permanently, just a tiny little show to pretend that somebody out there gives a damn, only to settle down into the daily duties of being President Trump and living in a Trump world, the world of the ESTP, where the superego is the ENFP, and they can pretend, for a couple minutes, to be concerned about ENFP-related concerns, but they drop it all later because they don’t have the energy to keep that up.

It was just like that. The beginning of this year was all hopeful, like maybe we really would get more of an ENFP world to live in, and Trump was able to convey that impression with his superego. Everybody uses their superego when they need to interact with the public and when they haven’t been surrounded with their own people yet. And the controllers, the shadow government, the mind controllers, were able to play along with this little game of pretending to give us the ENFP world that we want to live in, but then, they got tired of putting on a show, and a few months later, none of their little promises ever got followed up on.

Pizzagate fizzled and no action was ever taken, except a few brief moments of arresting large numbers of people and reporting on the sheer numbers as though numbers are all that matter – oh look, numbers! It must be something true! People worship numbers in the media. If an article title has numbers in it, it must be something good. ‘A list of 10 ways numbers have an impact on your life’ is an example of the type of spammy shit web pages that I’m talking about. They are always shallow. People take advantage of this vulnerability by reporting a bunch of numbers in the news – 300 pedophiles arrested, 200 children were rescued, and so on. Oh look – numbers! Something must have happened! But the reality is much more than that.

I have learned to avoid spammy web pages if they have a number in the title. Having a number in the title almost always tells me that this is going to be spammy clickbait with extremely shallow information. ‘A list of 7 things’ is ALWAYS spam. There are a few exceptions to this (A list of 17 exceptions to the general rule that having a number in the title means an article is shallow spammy clickbait).

I want a search engine that will filter out all results that contain a number in the title. That will eliminate 99% of clickbait spam, leaving me with nothing but real information.

These web pages always malfunction, locking up, taking 15 minutes and still not loading completely, being badly designed, being filled with clutter, images, bright colors, and strange scripts that don’t work, and having links to thousands of other clickbaity web pages and ads.

This is why I found it extremely annoying to see that Weston Price had recently adopted this exact style of web page, and that Mercola had also made a few changes in the direction of that style. That was why I stopped reading Natural News! It was a huge web page full of links and images that took 20 minutes and would still have an unfinished progress bar while it loaded spam and viruses and videos. If videos start playing and you can’t stop them, that entire web page is garbage.

Note, I have no control over any ads that appear on my blog. They come from WordPress. I don’t even know what they do because I don’t see them. So if any of them are videos, I apologize. They are there for the purpose of holding me hostage and begging me to pay them money to take them away. I doubt they even make any money for WordPress.

I don’t like people who use those tactics, so I refuse to pay WordPress a fee to get rid of the ads. I also don’t like WordPress’s clusterfuck interface, which gets slower and slower and worse and worse with every ‘upgrade.’ I *really* don’t want to pay them a single penny for that.

I really need to design and build my own web page with totally my own software, none of it made by sociopaths.

But that’s in the haven of my intentional community.

WordPress, and other gigantic trolls, exist for the purpose of suppressing real information. If ever I should put anything actually sensitive on this blog, any real information of actual value, with real details, real calls to action, then surely they would instantly report me to some authority or shut down the web page or make it unfindable on google. The only reason I am allowed to exist is because my entire blog is garbage and I’m not saying anything useful. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I only write to hear myself talk. I write about my suffering, but I do not write about practical acion.

The rule is: Practical action, and detailed specific data, is the LAST THING ON EARTH that the authorities want you to have, or to do. I was using this rule while fighting the battle to use my own brain while meditating. The controllers love it when you waste your brain’s CPU cycles on worthless garbage and ‘mental masturbation,’ as a friend of mine used to call it. Mental masturbation is when something seems endlessly fascinating and interesting when it’s going on in your brain, but yet it never leads to any practical action in the real world or any practical solutions of any kind whatsoever, and no real insights that can actually change your life. Insights that they generate are shallow and useless. Most religious beliefs fall into this category, including the Law of One, the LOO, or the ‘LO1’ as someone called it in a forum, apparently to avoid calling it the Loo.

Mental masturbation is probably the reason why those people paid that guy to create a new religion, on the web page I was reading recently. They paid him to create it, and they were thrilled with the results, and its purpose was to merely entertain people’s minds and make them feel as though they were thinking and talking about something deep and useful when actually it was garbage.

Their goal: prevent anyone from making real change. Prevent real insight. Prevent any actual details from coming out that would allow you or enable you to take action. Real details include things like ‘Over there, that name, at that address, within walking distance from you.’ You can actually do something about that. This type of information is absolutely the last thing on earth that the controllers want you to have about *anything*.

For me, also, lack of insight is what they want. I would use my brain to give myself insights about what is inevitably going to happen in the future unless I take action to change it and prevent it. I get zapped if I try to do that now. My insights are shallow, stupid, and artificially supplied by the evil morons feeding garbage into my brain.

I need to eat breakfast.

What is disclosure, if hoaxes also exist?

Disclosure also exists, and we will persist in finding it, and going past the hoaxes. We dismiss the hoaxes and continue insisting that disclosure is also real. Hoaxes do not imply that disclosure doesn’t exist either. It does exist. What is being hidden from us is extremely important and we need to know.

We will have powerful people who come from my socionic quadra and also from my socionic ‘house,’ my side of the quadra, the perceiving side, not just the judging side. It’s relatively common to have ESTJ presidents and people in power – they can be found – but I don’t see lots of people who are perceivers in my end of the quadra in power – ENFP and ISTP. ESTJs tend to become powerful no matter where they are, and they are found everywhere in government too. My type – not so much. My dual – not so much. Abraham Lincoln was *allegedly* an ENFP, and he was quickly murdered.


3 Responses to “If hoaxes happen, then what is true disclosure?”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    A Spay Is A Major Abdominal Surgery…Please Consider It As Such: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rwdvm/2016/11/23/a-spay-is-a-major-abdominal-surgeryplease-consider-it-as-such

    Both ovary sparing spays (hysterectomies) and traditional spays (ovariohysterectomies) are major abdominal surgeries. And ovary sparing spays aren’t really all that ovary sparing when done on women. A woman’s ovaries need the feedback loop from her uterus. When the uterus is removed, the feedback loop is taken away and the ovaries’ function fades. The function of a woman’s ovaries also fade after menopause, but do so more slowly than from a hysterectomy.

    So ovary-sparing spays may be good and viable on female dogs, whose ovaries aren’t dependent on their uterus to function, but calling a uterus-only hysterectomy an “ovary-sparing spay” is a scam when done on women.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    more spay spam

  3. Nicole Says:

    No, that’s not spam. It’s someone who has really good info about that topic, and I wrote a few posts about it a while ago but haven’t felt up to writing about it again. I have wanted to do sort of a cooperative blog post with her. I always approve the comments!

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