weird thought, network of people who verify identities locally. Next town, all towns, small towns, their job is to meet people in person before they join a forum

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  1. nebbie916 Says:

    Incidence of Pyometra in Cats by Science Direct: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0093691X14001484

    Percentage of Cats Diagnosed with Pyometra Before Age 13

    All Brreds and Non-Purebreds Average: 2.2%
    Norwegian forest cat: 14.8%
    Birman: 3.1%
    Persian group: 3.4%
    Siamese group: 8.8%
    Domestic Shorthair/Mediumhair/Longhair cat (a.k.a., mog, moggie, non-purebred): 0.9%

    Cats have a 2.2% chance of getting pyometra on average, which is far less than the dogs’ 23% chance of getting pyometra. However, the cats’ fatality rate from pyometra is slightly higher than the dogs’ fatality rate of 3% to 4%.

    Fatality Rate from Pyometra in Cats: 5.6%

  2. nebbie916 Says:

    Cav’s Place has a few blogposts focusing on the spay/neuter issue.

    Pet Contraceptives: https://blog.cavsplace.com/?p=73
    Pet Contraceptives 2: https://blog.cavsplace.com/?p=189
    Triple Anger: https://blog.cavsplace.com/?p=593

    The third blogpost describes the blogposter hearing of a person who was bragging about neutering her kitten and boasting that her already neutered kitten was just fine.

    Trilingual in English, Cuban and (Now) Dog: https://hereishavana.com/2015/04/05/trilingual-in-english-cuban-and-now-dog/
    Havana, We Have a Problem: Stray Cats & Dogs: https://hereishavana.com/2016/10/12/havana-we-have-a-problem-stray-cats-dogs/

    Cuba has an anti-spay/neuter attitude toward its animals. The first Here is Havanna blogpost that mentions the spay/neuter issue mentions that people much prefer to vasectomize (the hormone-sparing procedure we use to sterilize men who choose to being sterilized) their male animals if they are to sterilize them. Cubans also think that castrating male animals takes away their manhood. I could see a point there. Neutered male animals produce less testosterone and male cats castrated early don’t develop jowls like they would if they stayed intact for longer. Using that logic, spaying female animals takes away their womanhood because spayed animals produce less estrogen and progesterone.

    Some examples of endocrine disruptors (EDs) include DDT, dioxin, BPA, PFOA, atrazine (an herbicide), PCBs, and arsenic, but gonadectomies are the ultimate endocrine disruptors. Spays and neuters are the ultimate endocrine disruptors regardless of the age of the animal. Spays and Neuters are also basically an abrupt, unnatural, and surgical menopause. Only women, female chimpanzees, female rhesus macaques, elephant cows, short-finned pilot whale cows, killer whale cows, other cetacean cows, female guppies, female platyfish, female budgerigars (budgies), female opossums, female lab mice, and female lab rats can have menopause naturally.

    However, Cuba, along with North Korea, China, Laos, and Vietnam, is a Communist country. Communism is a genocidal, Socialist*, Leftist ideology that has a 100 million kill count.

    * Venezuela is a Socialist country.

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