I need solutions

how to retrieve deleted messages? They used to have that feature. But now I don’t hear it among the options. Mom’s last call was being saved. I recorded it badly onto THIS phone but was gonna do it again. So I have it but not dad’s message from that time. And the quality is barely audible.

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  1. nebbie916 Says:

    The reason animals are prone to pyometra and uterine, ovarian, breast, and testicular cancers is the constant exposure to toxins, xenoestrogens (like BPA), pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, vaccines (which contain formaldehyde, thimerosol/mercury, aluminum, MSG, and squalene), and GMOs. Spays (ovariohysterectomies) and ovary sparing spays (hysterectomies) take out the natural source of estrogen and castrations take out the natural source of testosterone.

    Testicles, ovaries, cervices (plural of cervix), and uteri evolved for a reason and they wouldn’t evolve if there were no reason for them or if they were just naturally going to get cancers in them and pyometra and drop dead from those diseases like flies. If they were as prone in nature and in the wild to get cancers in those organs, and any organ for that matter, and pyometra in the uterus and cervix like pet dogs and cats do these days, they would be extinct.

    Dogs are among the most prone to getting to pyometra, but wolves, coyotes, and dogs in the wild don’t get pyometra left and right. Similarly, even though breast cancer is 90% likely to be malignant in cats, cats in the wild are suffering from it left and right.

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