I don’t like the new “let it go” trend. Let’s not.

I have been hearing voices and experiencing attacks that I very strongly dislike, because they actually seem to be having the "intended" effect or explicit overt effect. The voices say "let it go" when I am attempting to do a good job on something. They attack me in such a way that I lose the desire to do a good job and am unconcerned about whether something is done right, even at times when the consequences could possibly be undesirable or dangerous. Let it go. Who cares about that sloppy shoddy job. Who cares. I don’t like this at all, especially because I have succumbed to it several times. Then I saw an advertisement on youtube with the words "let it go" (with a very old car from decades ago) in it, which indicates that somebody else knows that’s what the current trend is in the voices. "Don’t let it go" was Dagny Taggart. But there are reasons why this is different. Also, that was a different socionic quadra with different values. "Let it go" should not apply to FOOD SAFETY or to the minimum requirements of my job, on a day when I have enough physical and mental energy to do them with relatively little pain.

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