After Bello shooting, I can’t find the part of the paper towel ad that had “bello” written over and over again

I saw a Bounty paper towel ad over and over yesterday, every time I watched anything on my phone on youtube. It was extremely annoying and I could not click "skip ad." It showed "Despicable Me" minions printed on the towels at the very end of the ad, and the word "BELLO BELLO BELLO" flashing across it at high speed, although there seemed to be many other words that I could not catch. It turns out "bello" is a minion word. Well, today someone named Bello, a doctor, shot people and killed himself in a hospital in New York. I tried to find that same ad, but the part at the end with "bello" and other unreadable words IS GONE. The beginning of the ad is there, but I can’t find the fast scrolling part where the towels unwind, showing minions and "bello." It was like a subliminal message. It was too fast to see.


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