Weston Price and Mercola have both jumped on the bandwagon of badly designed web pages that are unreadable

I noticed it on Mercola’s website not long ago – on the left and right sides, there are now these arrows going to the previous and next article, and those arrows COVER UP THE TEXT so that you can’t read it. I don’t know if there’s some other browser where this doesn’t happen, but you shouldn’t design a website so that it’s so finicky it can only be viewed by one particular browser.

Now, the Weston Price page has changed too! Now they have one of those ‘facebook shares’ links on the left side, which sticks out half an inch to the right and also goes almost the entire way up the side of the screen. I’m viewing this on a small netbook. You shouldn’t have to view websites on a huge screen to be able to view them. That ‘facebook share’ link also has a twitter icon, some weird-ass curvy S shaped thing that I’m not familiar with, a thing that might be a printer button, a plus sign which I assume is google, and an envelope which I guess means ‘to email.’ These are those horrible unlabeled icons, which you have to be psychic to understand unless you already know what they mean, because no text appears to explain what they are even if you hover over them. And they cover up the entire left side of the text. The only way I can read that page now is if I go to ‘view,’ ‘use style,’ ‘none’ up in my browser.

I HATE THIS. This is associated with shitty spam pages! This is the type of shit that pops up on google and gets in the way of REAL information whenever I’m trying to find something important. It has colorful pictures on it, and clunky things that take a long time to load.


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