Pre-ground coffee definitely doesn’t work well for me; also, I need vitamins made from real foods

I bought two packs of coffee, one of them whole beans that I have to grind myself, and one of them pre-ground. I used the pre-ground one for the first time this morning because I didn’t want to use a noisy grinder early in the morning while my roommate was here possibly sleeping or resting. I made enough coffee to last all day, so I’m still drinking it in the afternoon, and it definitely doesn’t work. I just felt more sleepy after drinking it. The freshly ground coffee was the one that made me able to do work in my room.

I need to get vitamins made from real foods, not synthetic vitamins. I believe that the synthetic vitamins deplete all the co-factors that are not included with the fake vitamins. This is like a ‘limiting reagent’ chemical reaction. You have tons and tons of fake ascorbic acid, for instance, but only a tiny little bit of the real cofactors that go along with it, which get all used up instantly. Then, as you continue to take the vitamins, after feeling slightly better than usual for a couple of days, you start to show actual symptoms of deficiency. I’ve been having tingling lips, for instance – tingling or numbness in anything at all is either vitamin poisoning or vitamin deficiency, both of which are so similar that you can hardly tell them apart – and the ‘depleted cofactor’ theory, or ‘limiting reagent’ theory, would explain this.

If I get vitamins made from vegetables, I don’t want tons and tons of cruciferous vegetables, which are goitrogenic. People who make vitamins are often actually very ignorant. They think they’re doing a good thing, but they’re actually doing a bad thing. They’re like, ‘Hey! We’ve got antioxidants!’ and meanwhile they’re poisoning you with goitrogens or something.

So I might browse a few websites to see what kind of vitamins extracted from real foods might be out there, but I’m expecting the worst. Also, meat-based vitamins are hard to find. There’s a supplier of organ meats in pills, and I bought thyroid from them one time, just to see if thyroid was helpful for me, but it was definitely extremely bad, and I was contaminated merely by touching the bottle, so I got rid of it. I couldn’t even sleep merely having the bottle in the tent with me. I would like to eat things like raw brains and raw organs that are non-hormonal organs, but I want them to be
parasite-free. Bacteria isn’t the problem, it’s parasites that are the real problem, with raw meat. Raw blood would also be helpful.

Meanwhile, for vegetables, I would like to eat leafy greens from plants that are not commonly used, such as wild growing weeds. I want them to be conveniently prepared for me because I am too tired to go out harvesting them, and it’s not worth the effort when the main sources of calories are from other things, not them. But I expect, if I go shopping for natural vitamins made from real foods, that it will be nothing but broccoli and kale, because everyone thinks those are superfoods.

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