The flyers, and the picnic tables full of people

I did end up taking a walk. My hip joints are extremely bad. My days of being able to walk are numbered. I took a walk, and for some reason felt like crying, which was unusual. I wondered if I had gotten contact with some residues while cleaning.

I could see the faraway clouds. While talking to myself, as much as possible, when people weren’t around, I whispered things – I had always wanted to fly, and that was all I ever wanted. Why was that so hard? Why couldn’t we fly? We need people who will break the law and get away with it, people who aren’t so stupid that they get themselves killed when their badly designed safety strap breaks and they fall, as I saw on a youtube video. Don’t fly your homemade flyer with shoddy safety straps that rip off under the pressure of the wind.

This is mundane technology that already exists. We only need to do it.

But in my dream, I fly easily with my body, lightly and quickly, not with some bulky, noisy engine. I fly up into the trees. Not just me alone – *we* fly. All of us. We are all together, in our group of friends, and we fly, to the trees, to the mountains, to the clouds.

I crossed the limit of disbelief when they suggested that we build cities in the clouds, using only our hands, and we sit down in them, like snow forts. I have never experienced manipulating matter with my hands, so I can’t see how it’s possible. Also, if I did experience that, I would want to rule out all other factors that could have caused it, such as external forces being operated by an artificial intelligence. Many ‘psychic’ phenomena that people believe they themselves are causing to happen are actually being created by attackers using weapons and technology to fool them into thinking the power comes from within, when it does not. They believe they themselves are controlling the experience, when it is actually being given to them by external controllers.

So I am extremely skeptical about any claims of psychic powers coming from within, of people manipulating matter psychically. It’s used to pass the blame on to us when they commit crimes – they want us to think we did them, when it was them.

But I went along with this pretending. And the word I used was ‘ineffable.’ When we are all together, and we fly up into the trees, and we see the sun shining a certain way like it was tonight, when the lights and colors look a certain way, when we’re together, there is this something, an ineffable feeling, something wonderful beyond words, something extremely important – being alive, being in love, being with friends, existing, loving how it feels to exist, being healthy, not being in pain, having energy. I think ineffable is the right word.

There is something important beyond all this, somewhere that we have to go. We’re going somewhere, and having a great adventure. There’s a goal. We’re going to explore someplace. But what is this wonderful thing we expect to find? Everything, and nothing. It is the wonderful amazement of every detail of every thing we see. We don’t know what it is, we don’t know what it will be like, until it happens.

This immersion, this being totally in the moment, existed in my childhood and was gradually destroyed as I got older – partly because electromagnetic fields became ubiquitous and unavoidable. You can’t be in the moment when electromagnetic energy is constantly disrupting your body nonstop.

But there is, and there was, a world where it wasn’t like that. You would be in the moment. We were bonding together. Bonding was wonderful. We had friends, we loved each other, we communicated deeply, we explored our own minds and our own souls, every nuance of them.

And I was also imagining picnic tables. Picnic tables full of people. Just simple picnic tables, for the love of god. Why is that so hard? What is it about a picnic table that is so impossible? What kind of expensive high technology is involved in providing a picnic table and making a meal, every day, or a couple times a week, and making sure that everyone in the entire apartment complex is invited to this meal, outdoors, in the grassy center area? All the apartment complexes need this. Just this. Big picnic tables full of people eating every day. It’s nothing! It’s so easy! It’s so cheap! It’s so mundane. Nothing is required. People would know each other. People would see each other, and sit out in the sun, and children and pets would run around in the grass. It would be so easy. Why isn’t this being done?

Intentional communities – you shouldn’t even *have to* build an intentional community to get these things. They should be the norm, everywhere.

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