I forgot about the horse riding dream. Then, complaints about belly fat.

I was riding on a horse-like creature, which might have been a camel, on the side of the road. I also had Jacob on the camel with me. The camel had these ropes attached to its halter, not like the usual reins that I was used to. This might have been inspired by seeing Hannah’s facebook page, because she traveled to a couple places recently, including Egypt, where she rode a camel. I was also staring at the image on the Camel cigarettes yesterday. They have an older version of the box, which is much prettier, and a new boring version of the box, which is ugly. Every once in a while, people request the old box, which is actually a little more expensive.

I’ll have to complain separately about how much I hate the whole way we handle cigarettes at work, the entire cigarette phenomenon. But I’ve gotten used to it, so I don’t think about it as much as I did when I first started working there.

Anyway, in this dream, I rode this camel a short way along the road. I was doing this for a reason – I was going to move somewhere else. I was actually using the camel as a pack animal to move my belongings, like a nomad. The Bedouin is the name I was trying to think of, but apparently I’ve had a stroke, because I could not remember the word, and I also couldn’t remember the word ‘Arabic,’ which I was going to use to search for the word ‘Bedouin.’ (Note, nothing else happened – I woke up. I just noticed that I changed the subject and started talking about a million other things without mentioning that there was nothing more to the dream.)

I tried to say ‘Arabic’ and kept getting ‘Aryan’ in the mind controllers’ autocorrect or autofill. The autofill phenomenon is an extremely annoying attack that they do to me, where if I’m struggling to recall a word, they fill in a similar word which is wrong, over and over again, and won’t stop doing it. Then they force me to do google searches for this thing, over and over, usually the same words. I went years and years and years unable to remember the name ‘Frieda Kahlo’ no matter how many times I googled her, no matter how many times I tried to remember her – the artist who is known for having a visible mustache that she didn’t remove. So I would have to actually do these google searches for ‘Mexican female artist with a mustache’ if I wanted to find her name. Every.Single.Time.

It actually is possible I had a stroke. I have a gigantic black bruise on the right side of my leg. This indicates that I have eaten rancid oils. It happened when I took a pill of fish oil, along with a pill of vitamin E oil, years and years ago. Those two pills together – I don’t know which one was mainly responsible – gave me bruises all over my entire body, and caused me to limp to the side because one of my legs was weak as though I’d had a stroke. So something has given me a mini-stroke. Maybe it’s the spoiled milk that made me sick? It may have spoiled fat as well. I also noticed that the fat went directly to my rear end the very first time I drank this milk after going several days without milk at home.

I really want to continue experimenting with a diet. This belly fat appeared in the summer of 2016, during several other events. I will try to remember them all, once again. What were the factors that might have triggered this sudden onset intractable belly fat that just won’t go away?

1. I strongly suspect it’s because I accepted an alcoholic drink at Kaarma. They had alcoholic milk, sour raita or something. I was accepting drinks from them as a gift, and usually it was just the mango lassi or whatever. (I was about to write ‘latte,’ and then realized the word ‘latte’ was similar enough to ‘lassi’ that they might have the same origins.) I was a teetotaller my whole life and never drank anything, except individual sips of communion wine at church, and maybe two individual sips of someone else’s beer or drink just to taste it. These were ONE SIP AT A TIME. But the drink I took at Kaarma, I drank quite a few sips of it before finally deciding that it was definitely alcohol and I definitely didn’t want it. I just wasn’t quite sure at first. Alcohol causes a beer gut. I would not be surprised to find that you get a permanent, irreversible, intractable beer gut from a single drink. After all, during alcohol withdrawal, the brain experiences permanent brain damage from repeatedly quitting and restarting alcohol, and you get the delirium tremens. There’s something about permanent damage caused by withdrawal itself. I don’t understand how it works. Permanent damage to the brain would also correlate to permanent belly fat.

2. I bought the hopniss plants. They are a protease inhibitor. I reacted badly to the hopniss tubers when they were delivered – they made me almost vomit. They caused some contamination. I spent some time around the hopniss plants trying to get used to them, and gradually I didn’t react as badly when they were growing. But maybe my body permanently stored the tiny traces of protease inhibitor in my fat – protease inhibitors do, in fact, cause belly fat. It’s a known side effect.

3. I kissed a fat guy. There was that guy, Mark, who was an ENFP, but we didn’t really get together for a lot of reasons. I won’t tell the whole story now. Suffice it to say, I kissed him a few times, enough to possibly absorb some of his gut bacteria. Or maybe even I made microchimeras of his DNA (I just read another article about that). Who knows. I got fat around that time. They say fat is contagious, and I believe it *literally* is contagious, although I had always assumed that was because of transdermal drug residues or transdermal heavy metal residues or some other form of poisoning and
contamination, and hadn’t really thought of gut bacteria or, heaven forbid, microchimeras in the brain.

4. I also have worse and worse hip joints, so I really, really can’t exercise at all. I can’t exert myself the slightest bit while walking or biking. I avoid all exercise even more than ever, and my only hope was going to be swimming, but this pesticide-filled apartment has made me so chronically fatigued that I never got around to doing all the swimming I had hoped to do while living right next to the YMCA. I also never did any sewing while here.

5. I thought maybe I ate arsenic from eating all the chicken all the time at Kaarma, but actually, their chicken was probably better quality than that – it was Halal. So it probably wasn’t arsenic from the chicken. And I’ve eaten chicken with arsenic in it all my life. It just seemed like I ate nothing but chicken every day when I was there. Still, that’s probably not the cause of the sudden onset intractable belly fat.

6. I actually wrote a list with several other hypothetical fat triggers, but I can’t remember them all.

7. A visitor came to the Youngs’ house, and I think he might have been on psychiatric meds. I’ve explained it many times before, but, your drugs get excreted through your skin, and they are partially metabolized, so they are in a form that actually still works as a drug. So you have this active, effective drug all over your skin, which washes into the bathtub and gets on the floor. It also gets all over your clothing and your bedsheets. I know this because I have done it multiple times with St. John’s Wort. The only way to fix it is total decontamination. I would suddenly get rid of my SJW-induced chronic fatigue if I would buy new bedsheets and new clothes. It doesn’t wash out. The same happened when I kissed a guy years ago who was on psychiatric meds. I had to completely get rid of the clothing I wore that day – it was making me fat, and I suddenly lost the weight when I threw the clothes in the garbage and bought new ones. It cannot be washed out of clothing. I tried. I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, for years, and years, and years, and years, with my huge decontamination disaster that started in 2008. IT… DOESN’T… WORK.

Anyway, I would’ve gotten this drug on me from the bathtub. During my decon, I found that the bathtub had to be thoroughly scrubbed with *abrasive* scrubbing powder, or it would still have drugs on it.

I have clothes which I’ve had for a while, and oh, I have to get my coat from Aunt Jeannie! I’ve owned my black hoodie for a while. It’s definitely contaminated.

I have to do a decon, and then move to a city where nobody knows me, because drugged mind control puppets come up and give me hugs or get in my way after I do a decon, and no, this isn’t funny at all. I do a decon and want to remain clean, but the mind controllers want me to constantly have unavoidable traces of tobacco and psychiatric meds and other poisons on me, and they think it’s funny to play this little joke over and over again. I’ll take a shower, and put on perfectly clean clothes, and they’ll force a puppet to go and smoke cigarettes right in front of the place where I have to go, and force them to have a conversation with me. I’m not struggling to avoid tobacco as much as I used to, but ideally I still want to avoid all tobacco, which means I need to move to a town where not only do they forbid alcohol, they must also forbid all smoking. There are actually towns where alcohol is illegal. I need towns where smoking is illegal too. But alas, how will anyone be a good slave if they can’t smoke tobacco? Tobacco is the tool of slavery! It makes people much, much, much better at doing their slave jobs. It makes a *huge* difference in how willing people are to do slave work. If tobacco is illegal, millions upon millions of people will suddenly realize that they hate their jobs passionately with ever fiber of their bodies and souls. Then they will want to change.

Anyway, I’ve forgotten all of the long list of possible triggers for the sudden onset intractable belly fat that won’t go away no matter what. It was actually a longer list.

5 Responses to “I forgot about the horse riding dream. Then, complaints about belly fat.”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    Can you do a blogpost on animals having bodily integrity and that some procedures, like spaying/neutering (done to most livestock and companion mammals and to a lesser extent chickens and iguanas), declawing (done to cats, not just domestic ones), descenting (done to skunks), ear tagging (done to community (rewilded?) cats), debeaking (done to chickens and turkeys), defanging (done to monkeys), disbubbing (done to goat kids), dehorning (done to cattle and goats), debarking (done to dogs), microchipping (done to companion animals), tail docking (done to dogs and sheep), and ear cropping (done to dogs), infringe upon an animal’s bodily integrity in the same way circumcision infringes upon a boy’s bodily integrity, female genital mutilation (a procedure rightly avoided in developed countries, but still practiced in Islamic countries and many countries in Africa) infringes upon a girls bodily integrity, and hysterectomies (OSS or not) infringe upon a woman’s bodily integrity?

  2. nebbie916 Says:

  3. Nicole Says:

    Sadly I’m gonna have to postpone it a bit… I’m not in the right frame of mind. It really needs to be done justice, too. I think I can get to it when I’m settled a bit and not worried about so much junk going on.

  4. Nicole Says:

    Oh my god, that is so horrible. That poor thing.

  5. nebbie916 Says:

    This is very sad.

    There are risks and complications to the gonadectomy surgeries, including obesity, diabetes, FLUTD, urinary blockages, catatonia, paralysis, and death. So, the more routinely these surgeries are done, the more times that these risks and complications are going to occur and the more times that these things do occur. In other words, the more the gonadectomies occur, the more the chances are taken.

    Here are two pages on my Hormonally Intact and Responsible: Cats website.

    1) Surgical Risks and Complications: http://intactcatsresponsiblecare.weebly.com/surgical-complications-and-risks.html
    2) Health and Behavioral Risks: http://intactcatsresponsiblecare.weebly.com/health-and-behavioral-risks.html
    3) Caring for a Female Cat During Her Heat Cycles: http://intactcatsresponsiblecare.weebly.com/caring-for-female-cat-during-her-heat-cycles.html
    4) Other Health Effects: http://intactcatsresponsiblecare.weebly.com/other-health-effects.html
    5) Indescriminate Desexing Effects: http://intactcatsresponsiblecare.weebly.com/effects-of-indescriminate-desexing-and-sterilization.html

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