dream – a storm, and the air traffic controllers

8:57 AM 6/26/2017

Of course I don’t remember all of the dreams. But in the middle of the night, I was whimpering out loud, or at least I thought I was, but maybe I wasn’t actually whimpering as loud as it seemed like I was.

I was in another house, not this one, visiting. I was looking down the hallway in the darkness, and from around a corner there was an entity approaching. It was darkness, darker than the surrounding area, and there were flashes of lightning. It was about to come around the corner, but I still couldn’t really see it yet and I don’t know if it could see me or if it knew I was there.

I started whimpering for help, and a woman rushed down the hall to talk to me in my room. She was a therapist, and she had a name tag or something, I’m not sure where I read her name, but it was ‘Cabela Caballo’ or something like that. There are a couple reasons why that was in there. I was listening to some Spanish-Mexicans-Guatemalans – I don’t know exactly where they were from, although they were taller and bigger than the Guatemalans from Kaarma, so they were probably Mexicans – they always come into the store where I work because they are construction workers next door to us. One of them said ‘caballo’ amongst his other words, or it sounded like that, and I know that word is ‘horse.’ Judith Swack was a therapist that I talked to over the phone, and she was associated with the onset of some of my mind control phenomena, so they might have actually been referring to ‘The Cabal,’ the group of people controlling the world.

This therapist seemed nice though, and she wasn’t like Judith Swack, but she didn’t talk to me for very long. Then she was gone, and it looked like the entity was continuing to move down this hallway, so I started whimpering again and woke up.

Later I went back to sleep and had more dreams. In one, I was a bird, or rather, I was able to fly by flapping my arms. I didn’t feel like I was small and light, I felt like I was my usual size, so I wasn’t a bird. I was flapping my arms and flying up to a very high place. There were a couple people there, or ‘birds,’ who were just floating or hovering, maybe with antigravity – they seemed to be doing it effortlessly. They were open and exposed at these tables or something, with nothing around them, just sitting out in the air in the middle of the sky, and it looked like tables, with papers and pencils and things on them, or that’s what I thought, and maybe headphones. I thought they were ‘air traffic controllers’ and I thought they might have gotten up there by circling on an updraft like hawks.

I was trying to fly up to them because I had to ask them a favor or something. I had to ask something. I was going to fly a plane and I needed permission to do something. I had flown a plane earlier in the dream, but had some problems that I don’t really remember. I’m trying to remember what happened but I can’t.

So I had to fly up to them, and it looked like there were either two people, or two birds, up there, casually sitting someplace, like on floating chairs at a floating desk or something. They seemed to have absolutely no fear of falling and they also seemed to be expending no effort to stay up there.

Meanwhile, I had to flap my arms really hard just to get up as high as they were, and it took extreme effort to go so high. It was almost as bad as swimming a long distance. I was flapping my arms desperately just to get there and just to keep from falling, and I had to ask them a question, while doing this, and trying not to fall. I don’t remember what my question was – it was just something like, ‘Can I get permission to fly a plane somewhere?’

I did actually want to go on a vacation in real life, but I’m not happy about putting Jacob in the cargo hold. I would have to actually do a ‘vacation’ and come back, and leave Jacob somewhere at home for a while.

I don’t think they even answered me, though. They seemed like they were listening on their headphones and not listening to me because I was trying to talk directly to them. Finally, I gave up and just started to let myself fall and glide back down. I wasn’t really falling badly like I was going to crash, but just dropping out of the air in a somewhat controlled way. They were up at the level of the tops of skyscrapers. I just remembered seeing some skyscrapers nearby. Or, they were just above them, but near them.

If I took Jacob on a plane, I’d have to be absolutely sure it was okay, and actually, I don’t trust those TSA retards – I just read yet another story where somebody in the TSA did something stupid, I just don’t recall what it was. When they need to hire people, they scrape the lowest rejects off the floor of the garbage dump and/or people who would have otherwise gone to prison but made a deal to work for the TSA instead. (I don’t know if that really happens.)

Hawks go so high by circling on updrafts. They find them, and then they soar, without flapping their wings, but they are designed to do that. Other birds are not really designed for that, so they would have to flap a whole lot to get up that high.

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