Music book; an unwritten tragedy

I’m at work but still sick. The other day I did the first assignment in William Russo’s "Composing Music" book. The first assignment mentions someone named Edrevol, who is the leader of a warlike tribe called the Lorac. Both of those looked like something spelled backwards. I googled her, and she’s actually a music teacher or something at the school where they’re using that book. I’m glad to know a school uses it in their curriculum. I love the book so much.

I already went through that book a few years ago, using Propellerheads Reason, but there’s no limit to how many times you can do it. And I’m using MuseScore now, which is free, and it puts it into sheet music. That prevents me from being distracted by all the technical gadgets in Reason, so I focus on the song itself. I want to do another song right now but I’m at work.

I meditated on lyrics for a song. It would be *extremely* restricted. I did 8 lines, and they must rhyme, and I might even use a fixed number of syllables.

I think I must use my socionic weak functions – emotions – to write lyrics. I need to express feelings that are very vulnerable and I need to be taken seriously. I have a terrible tragedy, but no one wants to read a tragedy or listen to a tragic song. I wouldn’t! I hate tragedies! But the tragedy of Matthew is what I want to express.

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