The fundamental laws of physics are all wrong

9:09 PM 6/24/2017

So, I’m thinking strange thoughts.

I’ll just spit it out. Then I’ll explain afterwards.

Electrons crash into protons all the time, just like planets crashing into the sun. We don’t know they did, because they don’t leave any evidence after they get melted into the sun.

The electrons don’t have a charge equal to the proton. Why would they? Duh. They are much smaller and have a much less charge. Millions of electrons go crashing into the protons, like neodymium magnets snapping together into a big pile. They start piling up, like sperm surrounding an egg, all over the proton. Gradually, they start to reduce its positive charge.

After a while, after a sufficient number of electrons have piled up on the proton, the farthest out electrons are sort of more weakly attached. They are more negative. The ones in towards the center, however, are more neutralized. They are the ‘neutrons,’ which don’t exist.

Somebody somewhere decided that the ‘charge’ of an electron just happens to coincidentally be exactly equal and opposite to the charge of a proton. Why on earth would it be? They’re two totally different things. Why would they somehow be perfectly opposed to each other?

So, somebody couldn’t understand why protons and neutrons are sticking together in the nucleus. So, what did they do? They just made up a new force, or something! Derp de derr! If you don’t understand how something works, the solution is to just make up a new force to explain it! Then, nobody ever uses that force because it’s esoteric and unimportant and it has no applications to anything. They all just kind of ignore it and pretend it’s not there and don’t worry about it. We don’t ever really need to learn about that one. It’s called ‘The Unimportant Force.’

Protons and neutrons stick together in the nucleus because there is no such thing as neutrons. Those are actually lots of electrons clustered in a huge pile. They have areas of stronger, or weaker, positive and negative charge. It depends on how piled up they are.

So maybe they sort of get bumped or bounced off, but they fall back down, all the time. Those are the ‘electron shells.’

So, what if there are ‘tests’ that show that something called a ‘neutron’ exists?

And if it’s all like this for the nucleus, what about neutrinos and other small particles? How weird do you think it gets?

How exactly do you determnine that a ‘neutron’ even exists? What were the tests, and what did they see?

What is this ‘sea of energy’ that supposedly zero point energy comes from? Why on earth would that explain why electrons don’t crash into the nucleus? Why wouldn’t you assume they *do* crash into the nucleus, all the time? Residual EMF? That just *sounds* fake and made-up. Somebody couldn’t explain something, so they just made up this random-ass thing called ‘Residual So-And-So.’ And there was some other force besides that one which also was said to have ‘residual’ forces.

Just calling it ‘residual’ sounds like it’s just screaming ‘Unable To Explain.’ I can’t explain it, so I’ll either call it ‘Residual Something,’ or else just make up a whole new force to explain it.

It’s possible to keep on using theories that have huge mistakes in them. For example, socionics Model A. Model A isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough to kind of explain some things, just not all things. It explains things in your own quadra and the opposite quadra, but it doesn’t explain the neighboring quadras properly. That’s why I use a 16 component model, to explain my interactions with Alpha and Gamma.

But if it’s possible to keep using the socionics theory even though it has big mistakes in it, and just kind of avoid and overlook and ignore those mistakes most of the time, or rationalize them somehow, then what about physics? Why would physics be any different? Why couldn’t you find ‘workarounds’ to explain all the imperfections and theories that didn’t quite work the way you think they should? You can just say ‘We don’t normally have to worry about that little thing, because it isn’t useful for anything that we need to do.’

What were the alternatives, in the past, while this was being discovered, the alternatives to the theory of the existence of ‘neutrons?’ Who else was thinking about this? What were the old theories that got discarded? Who ‘proved’ that ‘neutrons exist?’ Who ‘measured’ the ‘mass’ or ‘weight’ of a ‘neutron?’

Imagine if we were talking about tools, and I said there were four fundamental forces: the hammer force, the wrench force, the screwdriver force, and the knife force. All those forces seem to do different, specific things, but that’s only because they are tools with different shapes. All of them are just some kind of mechanical force.

Well, what if the other ‘fundamental forces’ are analogous to that? We just can’t really see what’s going on because it’s too small. There are some kind of ‘tools’ down there, so small that we can’t see them, doing things that we can’t understand. So we say there’s the ‘electromagnetic force,’ which is some weird clusterfuck of
electricity and magnetism going into perpendicular planes at the same time. What the fuck? Why even? Why do you have a whole bunch of stuff just all clumped together like that, and call that whole thing all together a ‘force?’ That sounds like, I dunno, a screwdriver or something. It might seem to be moving things in different directions, but in reality, it’s all just mechanical force, but it does something special because of the shape of the tool.

Then, to add insult to injury, we say that some kind of ‘residual EM force’ is the explanation for some *other* weird stuff that we can’t understand! Does that just sound all patched-together and made-up, or what? That’s totally lacking elegance.

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