well, that trich test came back negative

However now, for the last couple days, I’ve had a painful lymph node in my neck, on the jugular vein. It’s the ‘suprajugular’ or something like that, I forget. I did find the name of it in google images. I have reason to believe I have a tooth abscess, possibly. Or maybe I’ve caught the Penn State mumps. That was why I wanted to
temporarily quit the vitamins, because if vitamins cause me to develop allergies, they may also cause me to develop swelling in reaction to things, greater than usual – I don’t know for sure. The swelling of the lymph node in my neck hasn’t stopped even though I went a day without the vitamins. I do have reason to believe it’s associated with a tooth problem, and it’s on the same side as the plastic dental fillings that leach BPA and cause swelling everywhere on that whole side of my face.

3 Responses to “well, that trich test came back negative”

  1. Anonymous Says:

  2. Nicole Says:

    I’m hoping to someday see blue jets and red sprites above a storm, although I wouldn’t want anything to do with the storm once it got to my location if it was that strong. For now I’m just watching normal storms from far away.

  3. nebbie916 Says:

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