I think I like the tourmaline-shungite tiara arrangement

I’m still experimenting with the shungite. I lie in bed meditating while placing the one shungite tile, or the shungite stones, on various body parts, usually on top of my closed eyelids, and now lately, on my forehead between the eyebrows and a couple over top of my forehead, in the ‘third eye’ area. I also have strings of beads of semiprecious stones that I got last year, and I’ve been putting the string of tourmaline chips (multicolored, not all black – I just love the colors of them and I am not particularly concerned with getting the ‘perfect’ electrical output from black tourmaline, at least not now, though I might in the future) draped over my forehead, and hooking it over my ears, with the pieces of shungite around it at the center.

I can feel a sensation of tickly feelings at the middle of my forehead and eyebrows. This is an EFT (emotional freedom techniques) tapping point, an acupressure point.

The vitamins seem to have slightly helped me mentally, although I’m taking a break from the vitamins today because I have a few symptoms that are bothering me – synthetic vitamins will never, ever be as good as natural vitamins.

It seems to be the combination of having taken vitamins, and also having the temporary ‘tiara’ of shungite and tourmaline while lying down meditating, that improves my focus. I was able to think some new thoughts last night that I had actually been thinking before, but had never thought strongly enough to really bring them to the surface and express them. I truly hate synthetic vitamins, and in the long run I really, really, really want to get it all from natural substances, but for now, I do feel that they’re helping me.

I was asking questions about Matthew while meditating (grr! this keyboard! ‘T’ doesn’t work, so I wrote ‘mediating’ and the little red wiggly line didn’t appear under it because it’s a real word!) last night. I was trying to understand things like, what was he afraid of? Why wasn’t he attracted to me? Those are not mere idle questions, whining, or ‘wallowing in self-pity,’ which was one of the things a voice said to me, but I’m not sure if they meant it to refer to me or to Matthew. I just wanted to understand more clearly what exactly had happened.

The understanding I had was, in order for my beautiful shining light to be most powerful, I have to use logic. Logic is one of my strengths of my personality type – I won’t be strong at using emotion. I thought, at first, who do I want to debate, and about what? It had to be a topic I cared about, because, for this personality type, the +Fi function is valued, so we *try* to use it, but we are using it in a primitive way. Dario Nardi showed this on the EEG. I feel or imagine a beam of light coming from my forehead. However, I don’t really feel that putting the stones between my eyebrows over the tickly acupressure point is the right place for it – just because it feels tickly doesn’t mean it’s doing the right thing. This is all experimental and I know it sounds ‘magicky,’ although I have been interested in ‘magic’ since childhood and always loved crystals and stones, and always half believed the magic was real, that I would somehow be able to direct energy through crystals.

Well, I thought of who I wanted to debate, and the only thing that really mattered to me was the Matthew incident. So that was what I was thinking about.

This would be a beautiful and unusual piece of jewelry. I saw photos of people at some of the gatherings wearing crystals on top of their heads. I might try that, but I will probably try a bunch of different things. Tiaras are not commonly worn nowadays as a normal piece of jewelry, but I have reasons why I need such things. That’s assuming I can make one that actually does something to effectively enhance my thoughts even while I’m up and walking instead of meditating.

I cannot debate about something that doesn’t really matter to me. I cannot debate about an abstract topic that has no personal connection to me. I do need to do a logical debate about *something*, though. I need to question the logic of something. I need to ask, ‘Why this? Why not that?’

Also, I desperately need to think of the bad things happening in the future – for instance, I haven’t yet asked for any time off from my job to go to WV!!! That has to be done. I need to get a storage unit and move my stuff into it – I don’t want to put it into the tent. I want it to be easily reachable with a car, so I don’t have to carry it a long way down the path again. I need to be sure I won’t blow all my money sleeping in a hotel again. That is extremely important.

But alas, I haven’t yet made an arrangement with the stones, and my vitamins haven’t helped enough yet, for me to be able to think clearly about the future the way I used to.

I hate being helped by synthetic vitamins. I know a lot of things about them that aren’t good, and I experience side effects from them as well. I also know they are incomplete and inadequate. But to obtain the real vitamins from natural sources is going to take a lot more work and I’m not ready to do that yet.

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