It’s just inconvenient to hate my job

I’m passionately hating my job, but I’m not prepared to quit it right now. That is why this hate is very inconvenient. I hate having a list of things to do, which includes wiping invisible dirt or invisible dust off things that are already clean. I will wipe dust off something if the dust is so thick that it interferes with the object’s function.

Also, our cooler is going down again. The cooler going down is such a common occurrence that we ought to have a shed out back with all the parts needed to fix it immediately. We should just assume the cooler will die every other week during the summertime! Not even joking!

My current coworker often leaves the building for very long periods of time while on the clock, and commands me to do all the paperwork. He’s doing work too, but still. I turn on my phone for five seconds and he yells at me to get busy doing something, then he sits down at a table and watches videos or has actual phone conversations for hours.

Clean undersides of the toilet.. no. Clean out the washer fluid containers and fill them… no. Every single thing on our list is an absolute no.

I just want to leave this town and go someplace that doesn’t die in the summertime when students leave, so I will never have to do pointless busywork. I have to pretend to be busy to justify my right to exist. I’m not a capitalist anymore. I don’t know what I am, but I don’t believe busywork should justify my existence.

Strangely, "God" gave me this job, by way of Charles, who is now calling me again. If I follow Charles to some new job he suggests, will I meet another God-following Matthew? They led me here for that, I’m sure. Matthew described feeling "urges" to do God’s will, which included talking to me and helping me. Charles wants to have sex with me, and I absolutely don’t want to.

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