I ate a weird meal of mostly protein yesterday

Someone is encouraging me to experiment with using my knowledge of diets, such as ketogenic diets. I ate a meal which was low in fat and low in carbohydrates, but high in protein, yesterday. I accidentally messed it up – it was this seafood stuff, boiled in water, and I tried to add some rosemary to it, so I opened up the lid on the jar and dumped 3/4 of the entire jar into there, because I thought that the top of the jar was covered with another lid that had holes in it, but it wasn’t – that was the part on top that clicked open which I had forgotten to do. So I had to fish out all this rosemary before I could eat this seafood stew stuff. I also added garlic at the end when it wasn’t cooking anymore, and some of the garlic chunks were too large, so I bit into one and had unbearable agony of pain, and spit it out, because it was burning hot raw garlic.

The goal was to see how my brain function was affected by eating a meal of only protein. It was okay. I felt a little bit of muscle weakness, which was something I read about – somebody somewhere on the internet said that whenever they did a very low carb diet, then tried to lift weights, their muscles were weak. They did better if they had at least a little bit of carbs.

When I do a diet, I don’t do an extreme thing for a long time while ignoring all my bodily signals. If I do a low carb diet, it will only be intermittently, followed by eating carbs a day or so later. The feast or famine model of primitive hunter gatherers is, you eat what you have when you get it. You kill a buffalo, and share the buffalo with the whole tribe, because you don’t have a refrigerator. So you eat nothing but buffalo for this meal. Maybe you dry out some of the buffalo to save it for later.

Technically, that wouldn’t be a ‘nothing but protein’ meal, because you’re going to eat the organs, although in primitive tribes when people share, the assholes take the best parts for themselves, leaving only the garbage for the women and children. Or something. Or the low status people. But if you yourself are able to hunt on your own, so that you can take the organ meats without them being stolen by the high-status assholes, then you’re going to eat raw organs, which contain fat and also a lot of fat-soluble nutrients that are nonexistent in our diets, which is why so many people are advocating fat (although now, I saw a news article that reflects my own opinion, which is that fat is a good thing, but not as good as some people are making it out to be). Anyway, it won’t ever be pure protein. That would actually be unusual. The seafood mix I had was a ‘pure protein’ type of meal only because our stupid society ‘cleans’ all the most nourishing, vitamin-filled organ parts off of it before selling it in a package.

However, in an ocean filled with plastic microparticles being swallowed by all the seafood, you wouldn’t want to eat the stomach contents of any sea creatures anymore. That was only possible to do in the days before plastic garbage existed.

All the vitamin-filled parts of the seafood are now filled with plastic particles and toxic chemicals like mercury.

So, anyway, the protein-only experiment was worthwhile to see how it affected my brain. If ketosis stops the seizures from happening, that’s helpful. I have what seem to be micro-seizures every couple seconds in response to these recurring waves of electromagnetic energy coming from the environment. Most people are able to ignore them, but my seizure threshold is low enough (according to this theory, vaccine damage, made worse by a flu vaccine in 2001 or so, or 2003, or whenever) that these external attacks disturb me more than they disturb others. They *are* in fact mind control attacks, but most people can’t perceive them. They shouldn’t be there, but for now, there’s nothing I can do about them, except try to stop my brain from having a seizure every time one of those mind control pulses goes through my brain. This is all theoretical. I’m talking about the aspects of this that I have control over, and my diet is the only thing I can control.

I had an experience a couple years ago where I cooked this chicken – I boiled it in a pot – at a park, when I was about to go camping. I still had a car at the time. I boiled nothing but chicken, then ate some of this boiled chicken and its broth. It would have also contained a lot of fat. I also had some broccoli and some wild frozen blueberries. I went into what seemed to be ketosis after eating this meal, or maybe it was a reaction to the bone marrow in the chicken – I had super strength after eating a tiny fragment of beef bone marrow, which was somehow extremely toxic and caused vomiting – that was in Bellefonte in 2011 or something. So it might have been the chicken bone marrow, and not ketosis.

Whatever it was, it gave me super strength to run up the hill at the entrance to the trail at Mt. Nittany. I ran up a steep hill with lots of energy. However, like I said, I was driving a car back then, so I wouldn’t have been constantly exhausted from walking and riding my bike everywhere like I am now. I just remembered how strong I felt and how easy it was to run up this hill – it was extremely different from my normal feeling. I want to try to replicate that incident. I have to consider all the possible causes – was it ketosis, or bone marrow, or something specific about boiled chicken? It was ordinary chicken, filled with hormones and antibiotics and everything else.

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