For example, refilling the coffee creamer

A customer just told me the creamer was out. To refill it, I have to move a dozen objects which are stacked on top of the lid of the machine, and then open the lid upwards – not forwards, like every other creamer machine I’ve ever used. Then, I have to dig through piles of heavy bags of milk and cream ….

…trying very hard not to laugh out loud at crazy Asian t-shirts while serving customers…. wtf????

Anyway, while kneeling, must dig through piled up boxes and bags of heavy milk and cream under the counter, and try to read the barely visible writing on the side, in the dark, to figure out which it is.

Something about "fingercroxxx" and bigfoot or something, the shirt.

Then, i have to find a little plastic object, which we may or may not have any of, to hook on the bag as a nozzle, then put it in the dispenser, close the extremely awkward non-ergonomic lid, and put all the junk back on top.

Or, i can just fuck around and blow off this pointless and annoying task. You see now, i am not in a positive state of mind here.

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