As usual, socionics is the reason why I can’t stand Jesus

Jesus appears to be a SLE/ESTP. I’m a SLI/ISTP, so Jesus is my contrary/extinguisher, whatever they call it, depending on which website you read. In real life, when I encounter a male ESTP, I usually feel this feeling of warmth and affection. I genuinely like them and it’s a ‘heartwarming’ feeling. But there is also this distance, where I can’t completely be myself and relax. Something is unnatural.

If I spend a lot of time reading materials that were written by this socionic type, I start to have negative reactions to it, becoming very annoyed by it, or very tired and exhausted by it. I also noticed the same thing reading ‘Health and…. whatever,’ the book by the Christian Science lady. Health and wellness or something. Health and Jesus. What is it? ‘Science and Health.’ While googling that I saw mention of Mark Twain, who, allegedly, liked Christian Science but was hostile towards its founder, and according to some sources he’s typed as ENFP/IEE. She is a SLE, so that’s a superego relation, which does indeed have conflicts. I don’t know if I agree with Mark Twain being typed that way or not – I read his books, or the fiction ones, and I thought he was kind of an asshole and an idiot. Maybe I’ll look again at his writings sometime.

Anyway, disvaluing personal property, and disvaluing productivity, is something that exists in the Beta Quadra, and yet simultaneously, there are many SLEs who become wealthy and powerful and act like horrible assholes in that position. It’s like Jesus was potentially a wealthy powerful super-asshole, if only he weren’t competing against other wealthy powerful super-assholes who got there first, such as the landowners. The assholes and kings in his parable are actually probably the same socionic type as Jesus himself.

It’s the difference between a powerful asshole and a powerless assholes. Powerless assholes are actually decent human beings. You can relate to them and be friends with them, and they aren’t allowed to just kill whomever they please.


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