waking up with a high frequency blast of terror

This happened to me when I lived at the Youngs’ house too, except then, I thought Mike was doing it to me, because Mike has reason to know about the existence of electronic weapons – he was an electrical engineer. If it does happen to me again here and now I will assume it’s someone else.

This is an electronic weapon attack that needs to be disclosed for public use because it is beneficial. If you can use it on yourself, you can cure chronic fatigue. I get awakened with a panic blast and some idea that there is a need for extreme urgency. If I could only use this same weapon on myself, I would no longer have chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s just that people use it on others without their consent when they don’t want them to. I am absolutely going to require panic attacks in order to get anything done at all in the next month

Dad has a delusional belief that I don’t want or need ANYTHING that is in the house because all of it is from over fifteen years ago. He forgot that I dropped off a bunch of stuff, including my computer, for long term storage before I went camping in 2011. The panic attack that I woke up with was the belief that I have to hurry because Dad is delusional and he is throwing away every single thing in the house with no exceptions. He doesn’t understand that I put stuff there much more recently than 15 or 20 years ago.

I myself have an absolutely terrible memory – it’s very vague, especially memories of what other people did besides myself, and so I can understand how he would forget that I dropped off a bunch of stuff. I went down there with an actual moving van.

The only thing that can overcome the pesticides here at this place is the high frequency panic blast. It worked well when I was at the Youngs’ house and had to leave.

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