Law of One, Ra = vermin, possibly INTJ Alpha Quadra. Ra is possibly Don.

If I attack someone else’s cherished belief system – Wilcock and Goode both talk about the LOO – then, what if someone attacked a cherished belief system of mine, socionics, and asked me to go without it?

Without socionics, I would have no way to explain *why* this vermin is different from myself, and I would have no way to explain why other people love the vermin. Socionics explains that people of particular types are likely to love someone of another particular type, while others might loathe that person.

Without socionics, I can only use primitive words to express this feeling that I have. I am probably using my 2 dimensional valued +Fi to judge the ethics of a specific individual by means of my feelings. My only words are very simple words, vermin, filth, loathing, scum, absolute evil, hatred. Those words never convince anyone. I know from experience that I could go around all day long telling everybody that I hate Ra because Ra is vermin and filth and vile and loathsome scum, the lowest scum of the earth, and that he is being worshiped by fools, morons, and retards. No one would listen to a word I say if I expressed it like that, using my own 2D +Fi function.

But using socionics, I can express it in a respectable way: I can say, Ra is a particular socionic type, who has a particular socionic relation to myself, and other people who are of particular socionic types love Ra, but I don’t.

That doesn’t entirely explain it, because there are people who claim that Joel Osteen is an ENFP, my dual, but I feel that Joel Osteen is nothing but a bunch of shallow, vapid, useless generalizations totally lacking in any insight. I don’t love Joel Osteen merely because he *might be* my dual. He can be my dual and be an idiot at the same time.

So if I were forced to somehow explain why I find Ra so utterly loathsome, without using socionics – I could not do it unless I used a whole lot of primitive, judgmental words and strong emotions based on experience. I know, also from experience, that no one will listen to me if I use those words.

I had the same feeling about Dan and Gary S. from SOTA – I judged them both as vermin by interacting with them and hearing what they said. I turned out to be exactly right about them, because they punished me by using electronic weapons on me to murder me for an endless couple of decades, which is still going on. They decided I had no right to exist, because I was able to correctly evaluate them as evil vermin, and they demonstrated that they are indeed evil vermin, users of electronic weapons, violators of the free will, violators of the mind and body.

Ra is the same type they are and is also a violator of the free will and of the mind and body. Ra is absolute vile filth. I feel it and I know it with every single word that I read from the LOO. With every word I read about the background and how the LOO was created, I know it, I feel more and more sure. When I read about the people involved, when I read what they say, I know it. I know it when I see that Don’s speaking style resembles Ra’s. He does this thing where he, shall we say, puts a comma and then says ‘shall we say’ or ‘as you say,’ which I just did there, as you say.

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