I was right about Brittany stealing money – she got fired for it

I went to work at a different store a couple of times, and there was a manager, Brittany. I liked her, I really did, she seemed cool, but at the same time, there was ‘socionic distance’ – I could like her but could not really reach her deeply, and I felt as though she might be a Beta ST, like an ISTJ or ESTP, I wasn’t sure which.

Whenever she would go into the office and do the bookkeeping and the money counting, she would close the door, and I always got this very strong, intense feeling of sneakiness and distrust. I felt as though she was stealing money somehow, doing something she shouldn’t.

I once mentioned this feeling to a coworker at my own store. I don’t think she told anybody. It was just mentioned in a casual
conversation, and I didn’t put a lot of weight on it, I just described this feeling that she was doing something sneaky, untrustworthy, lying, or stealing.

A few weeks later, this girl I had talked to told me Brittany was fired for stealing. They could see her on camera in the office, taking money out of the packets of money dropped into the safe. The girl I had talked to was shocked and immediately recalled the conversation we had where I said I had the sneaky feeling, and she told me about this and how Brittany was fired.

So, I am sometimes right with these feelings.

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