I can’t sleep because I drank this weird coffee for the first time

I drank this coffee in a can, this fancy latte stuff, which was expensive. Now I’m trying to take a nap and I can’t even fall asleep. I can’t even doze off. I drank it this afternoon sometime. So I’m going to have to wait a while.

They said the Ra speaker is probably a dual. I’m not reading it right now, I’m just trying to lie down and fall asleep. I will have to sleep before I can process anything in my mind.

Last night I tried to watch Return of the Jedi, but the web page just wouldn’t let me download the movie without having constant problems. I’ve watched movies there before. I just couldn’t watch this one. I got partway through it and gave up.

They are making some new movie or series with puppets, I forget what it was though. Puppets are better than computer animation because the actors are interacting with a real physical object. There is nothing that can substitute for a real physical object to interact with, which is yet another reason why I hate channeled personas. It was the Jim Henson people. I’d have to google it.

I’m just going to lie here until the caffeine wears off.


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