cheap energy so we can stop exploiting warm countries like Guatemala; I need my own planet or Antarctica

I’d like to go to Guatemala, since I’ve met Guatemalans and I love them, and it’s a beautiful, warm place. As always, their land is being stolen and exploited by capitalism. There are a few hunter gatherers left, such as the Lacandon people, the original Maya, on the border in the jungles.

If we had free energy or very cheap energy, we could grow bananas in cold climates effortlessly with our little artificial suns. We need to stop the capitalist business model of constantly stealing land and ‘owning’ it.

I don’t have time to write about this now before work, but I have argued, and found my own argument to be convincing, that ‘land ownership is theft,’ even when it’s practiced on a daily basis in a modern capitalist country. Even when real estate changes hands in the normal way, when people think they are ‘buying’ it, this is still an act of theft from someone.

I can’t yet argue against all the libertarians who say things like, ‘Then how come Hong Kong is so much better than the rest of China, and why is it slowly being destroyed as China takes over?’ I’m not saying that communism-with-Chinese-characteristics is good either.
Capitalism-with-US-characteristics is not good.
Capitalism-with-Londonese-characteristics is not good.

I have yet to devise a system that can *bring back* the lost property that has been stolen, and change it back into a hunter-gatherer land area. It has to be rebuilt in order to do that: trees must be planted, and native plants and animals must be restored, and humans must be put on the land who are willing and able to live as hunter gatherers there, and other things must be done, like pollution must be removed. The land has to be protected from invasion and theft. Someone has to ‘own’ that land in order to protect it in the modern world – it requires a benevolent owner, a benevolent ‘dictator’ protecting it. ‘Benevolent ownership’ is the only way now to make land for hunter gatherers in the modern world, and after the benevolent owner dies, they must have a replacement owner who will receive it IN PERPETUITY, forever. Every benevolent owner must be replaced by other benevolent owners.

Where do the owners get all the money needed to protect this ‘unproductive’ land that they are ‘wastefully’ and ‘inefficiently’ letting stand there and grow trees? Oh, woe is me! Unprofitable! I don’t know. I haven’t devised the system of making huge profits to pay for the land and then let it sit there being ‘wasted.’

It would be nice to have our own abandoned planet to live on, or Antarctica, or some other undesirable land, that doesn’t cost any money, and nobody is trying to plant bananas on. But nevertheless, banana-planting land in Guatemala is extremely valuable to
capitalists, and, oh no, those stupid natives want to just sit around and hunt and gather instead of reaping huge profits off bananas for export.

That’s why I wanted to go to Antarctica before going to Antarctica was trendy! I wanted an intentional community there, where people would live as hunter gatherers and not pay any money for the land, because it is unwanted wasteland. They would live on the islands where there is no ice around that area, not on Antarctica itself.

Oh yeah, the original concept was ‘we need cheap energy.’ It needs to be super-easy to put a little artificial sun over our bananas grown up north so that we don’t need to steal land from Guatemalans to grow bananas anymore. But they will still want to steal land anyway. They seem to enjoy stealing land and causing endless pain and suffering.

I don’t know how to end that on a positive note.

I am getting some reduced work hours next week – we’re working on it. My pesticide-induced fatigue: I HAVE TO start packing my stuff to move, and I want to get rid of the junk.

The Guatemalans are the Maya people, the very same ones that Corey Goode says have an extraterrestrial breakaway civilization. I met them while working at Kaarma and I absolutely love them, and so does everybody else who meets them. All the girls, every waitress who worked there, adored them.

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