Talking about atheism isn’t useful to me either

1:43 PM 6/16/2017

If I want to find ‘my people,’ then just talking to atheists isn’t enough either. I’m looking at the ‘American Atheists’ web page right now. They have an image that looks like electrons circling an atom. I’m not all preoccupied with electrons and atoms and stuff. I also don’t like ‘science.’ ‘Science’ is almost always directly connected to absolute pure evil. I’m not really preoccupied with

I actually just have to encounter the LOO because I’m still interested in UFO disclosures and Wilcock and Goode. They all love the LOO and think it’s the greatest thing since perforated toilet paper.

I have mixed feelings about David Wilcock. I’m reading him and simultaneously I like him a lot but don’t like it that he happily embraces mind control and believes the mind controllers are
benevolent. However, you do have to pretend on the surface that evil is good, while secretly hating evil in the background, or else they will murder you, so, to some extent, this is understandable.

He talks about the Cabal and the Alliance. But I don’t know how well he really understands what we are fighting for. Just because the blue avians claim they value free will doesn’t mean that they actually do value free will. Anybody who mind-controls people and gives them artificial karmic rewards and punishments in the short term is not a benevolent being that values free will. These are absolutely not benevolent beings who have our best wishes in mind, nor do they value free will. They value control and slavery.

I can simultaneously like DW and CG while also viewing them as mind-controlled slaves who are too scared to tell the real truth about what’s being done to them, the real truth about just how absolutely evil these ‘benevolent and powerful’ beings are that are talking to them and millions of other people using synthetic telepathy by means of electronic weapons.

I differ from the ‘Targeted Individual’ community because those, too, are a different socionic type than myself, and also, that community completely rejects all idea of aliens. There was a time when I rejected all ideas of aliens, too – it was too traumatic to realize that we’ve been mind-controlled and enslaved by powerful aliens for millions of years – that makes it seem like escape is hopeless and impossible. There is still some shred of hope for escape if you tell yourself that it’s humans, on earth, doing electronic mind control, and they’ve only done it for a hundred years or so.

But I feel the need to confront the worst case scenario. It’s a huge, huge, ancient universe. Surely, there are aliens with extremely advanced technology who have already gotten here. Surely, there are humans working with them. Yes, it’s being completely covered up and hidden from the mainstream public.

I somehow was able to get over the trauma of realizing that we’ve been electronically mind-controlled by aliens for millions of years, because of reading DW and CG. They are socionically most compatible with me, so I am able to read their information painlessly and accept it.

But now it’s my turn. I’ve accepted their information and the way it’s presented. It got me through the hard part of the trauma, some parts of the trauma that I wasn’t willing or able to confront on my own. Yes, it’s been going on for millions of years. I accept that now. Yes, the technology is so powerful it’s unthinkable and unimaginable. I can accept that now. But now that I’ve accepted those things, it’s time to fight back against the bullshit parts of it and the evil parts of it and the stupidity and the things that are just outright wrong.

This will probably go on for as long as I am eating these chocolate nib things. And it’s a pretty damn huge bag of chocolate nibs.

I’m not merely an atheist, and I’m not merely a targeted individual. I have several different beliefs that don’t fit into just one single category.


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