I swear to God I *HATE* the Law of One!!!! Even when it’s being talked about by an extremely cute long-haired guy.

‘You are not part of a material universe. You are part of a thought. You are dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought.’

I’m watching a video made by some guy associated with Corey Goode who was mentioned by some person in one of the forums, and I watched one of his videos because he was cute and he had long hair. I’m now watching another video where he is talking about the Law of One.

It’s hard for me to explain why I so extremely dislike the Law of One. Somehow, a lot of the stuff that is supposedly ‘deep and insighful’ seems trivial, stupid, and obvious to me, not something that had to have been made by some super-genius 6th density being. The style of speech is strange enough that it struck me when I first saw it, but there’s nothing about it that is inherently impossible for an ordinary earth person to create.

It is also NOT USEFUL. It’s like they want to change our perceptions in a way that is not useful. It’s useful for hypnosis purposes – oh, look at me, I’m floating and dancing in a ballroom! Sure, that might make you feel pleasantly hypnotized, but is it useful? No.

The little insult bothers me. One tiny little insult is an off note key in the orchestra. The orchestra was doing all fine and smooth and hypnoticky and we’re floating in a ballroom, and all of a sudden he insults us, showing his true distaste for what we are. We are ‘somewhat eccentric.’ Oh, woo-woo, I’m being all eccentricky and shit! Eccentricity is bad! Look how unpredictable and….
UNCONTROLLABLE we are! We’re ‘eccentric!’ We’re supposed to move in perfectly smooth round circles of motion, but instead we have eccentric orbits that aren’t perfect. Oh, woe is me, I’m not perfect!

If only I grasp the concept that I am part of the ‘original thought,’ then I’ll stop being ‘eccentric’ and I’ll move in the perfectly smooth controlled circle that this ‘being’ wants me to move in. It’s all about control. To be controllable, you have to be predictable. You have to be obedient. I… DO… NOT… LIKE… THE… LAW… OF…. ONE.

How useful is it for me to know that I am ‘dancing thoughts?’ It’s what they called a pseudo-profundity or something, I forget what they called it. I read something a few years ago that had the word for this. It was pseudo-insights or something. It’s when something *sounds* like it *must* be profound wisdom, but can you really use it or do anything with it? No.

The goal is to make us stop moving in ‘eccentric patterns.’ We’ve gotta stop doing that. We’ve gotta move in perfect circles instead, and we will do that if only we ‘realize’ that we are ‘part of the original thought.’ Everything on earth will be solved if only we do this.

I… DO…. NOT….. LIKE…. THE… LAW…. OF…. ONE…. Didn’t they say that channeling an entity causes you to speak slowly and clearly, enunciating every word? Well, then, I’m channeling an entity that doesn’t like the law of one.

It actually makes me feel sick. It makes me feel violated in a bad way. I don’t like the person who is speaking these words in the LOO, I don’t like their tone of disdain and superiority, I don’t like the trivial stupidity and uselessness of what they are saying, I don’t like it that they claim to be something superior.

I read about Valiant Thor who claimed he was from Venus. They said he had an extremely high IQ that could only be estimated as being something like 1200, and yet, what did he want to do when he came here? He wanted to preach the word of Jesus. You’re telling me that even though someone has a 1200 IQ they’re still fucking stupid enough to want to go around preaching the word of Jesus, and that’s all that they’re able to do for us in the world? Why bother even having a high IQ at all then?

It still bothers me, makes me feel sick and angry, when I read those words: ‘You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought.’

I need a new keyboard – I can’t even type the letter T anymore on this one.

Oh, look how inferior you are! You haven’t grasped this thing that I myself know all about. I know that *I’m* part of the original thought! Why don’t you? Because you are pathetic and inferior. This sounds like absolute evil to me, not something good, not something to be trusted. It sounds like an evil murderer who is preparing to become the dictator and wants to have absolute control over us all.

I actually *take pride* in rejecting Jesus, and don’t see myself as being ‘therefore Lucifer’ just because I can’t stand Jesus or anything resembling him. The LOO looks like it’s all about the violation of free will.

And this ‘artificial karma’ stuff is bullshit too. Karma was created by human beings as a way to rationalize the fact that sometimes, evil goes unpunished, forever. And sometimes good is unrewarded, and innocence is victimized, evil goes free and has as much fun as it wants, and all of this seems horribly unfair and unjust. Karma is a concept created to make us feel better about these facts.

But somebody decided that karma had to be artificially enforced by human beings during one person’s lifetime. Karma isn’t about THIS lifetime, it’s about the fact that an evil person went an entire lifetime and never got punished and never got stopped from doing evil, and died happy and evil and wealthy without any problems, while a poor person, or a good person, or an innocent person, suffered and was miserable and died miserable even though they deserved happiness. Karma is what we say will happen to the evil person in the next lifetime, NOT THIS LIFETIME. But some people out there decided to start artificially enforcing ‘karma’ on ordinary people who are good people. Meanwhile, they’re *STILL NOT DOING FUCKING ANYTHING AT ALL* TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GENUINELY EVIL WHO MUST BE STOPPED. If you’re so powerful that you can artificially create these ‘karma’ events that ORDINARY innocent good people will experience and feel guilty about and be manipulated by, like David Wilcock, and like me, where I’ve experienced this idiotic artificial short-term karma rewards and punishments too, then why can’t you stop the truly evil, truly powerful, wealthy people who are doing enormous, global evil, murdering millions of people, such as, for example, ******THE DRUG INDUSTRY******* or the *******BANKING INDUSTRY******???? Why can’t you just instantly make every single one of them drop dead on the spot? That would be karma, wouldn’t it? They have directly and indirectly caused the death of millions of people over decades.

But no! You do this extremely trivial, pathetic, micromanagement, short-term artificial karma to ordinary people who are neither extremely good nor extremely evil. Oh! Look! I allowed an ugly guy to have sex with me! That means I will get rewarded by being put in the opposite position of being allowed to have sex with somebody who is much more attractive than myself! Woohoo! Short-term artificial karma at its finest!

I can’t even… I just can’t. I can’t type the letter T on this keyboard anymore.

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