bacopa – a tiny crumb the size of a period

I got bacopa yesterday at Nature’s Pantry. I wanted to buy
*everything* in the store (except dangerous things that I’ve had bad reactions to), but I bought only organic raw cacao nibs, and raw goat milk.

I found out something yesterday (damn this missing T on the keyboard! It’s slowing me down so much!). Executive House Apartments emailed me the instructions for how to move out, and they talked about cleaning the carpets. They mentioned that if you have pets, you might have to get the carpets flea-treated too. Jacob doesn’t have fleas, but I have a feeling they won’t believe me and won’t care. So this place has probably been flea-treated before, which is why I am dying of horrible poison by living in this house.

I tried a tiny crumb of bacopa the size of a period dot. Then I went back to bed. First, I became extremely, unbearably cold. It’s been really hot, although there might be a few cool breezes coming in the window. I wrapped the blankets around me and went to sleep.

I immediately had a vivid dream. I was seeing Jim, a coworker from a previous job who I’ve been chatting with recently. There were also a bunch of the Guatemalans around (people I knew at Kaarma, except that some of these were people I didn’t know). I was at somebody else’s house, just sitting around not doing anything. When I say ‘seeing Jim’ I meant I literally saw him in the dream. I went with Jim over to his apartment, which was a shabby old shack connected to a bunch of other shacks, which were so run down that they didn’t even have four walls, but were open in several areas. You just walked right in through an area that was like a junkyard.

Jim tried to lie down and go to sleep, but then he said he felt like somebody was watching him from far away. I looked, and there was a little boy with blond hair and a baseball cap standing right there in the room looking at him. I figured this was a housemate, but he didn’t say anything, and Jim didn’t acknowledge him. Then a minute later I saw this kid face to face with Jim, just right against his face, looking right at him with his nose touching Jim’s nose, and Jim didn’t know he was there. So I decided this was a ghost. In the dream, it was extremely scary, although right now it seems like nothing. The bacopa must have intensified the emotion of fear I felt in the dream.

I can barely write without this T and this keyboard already has lots of other letters malfunctioning. I really need to buy a new keyboard.

Nothing else happened, I just woke up.

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