my manager might not have gotten my message; a dream I was in the army

I forgot that she was out of town. She told us she was in a place where her cell phone didn’t work, and she had to be reached through facebook messenger. I only found this out again when our cooler broke down at work and I started calling everyone I could to find out what to do.

Argh! A frequently used key has a crumb or something under it – the letter T. It keeps skipping the t and I have to keep going back.

So I sent her the text message saying that I had to cut my work hours down to two days a week if possible and I needed to find out how to do that, because they have inflexible scheduling. I think I have tested what happens if you send a text message when the phone isn’t on, or something, and it just never gets it at all. So I have to get the guts to send it again.

This problem with the T is making it almost impossible to type.

The dream: I was in the army, and it was the last day and we were all getting ready to leave. I still had some kind of duty that I had to do, and I was angry about it because it was preventing me from packing up all my stuff. All my belongings were a huge mess, and I had all these shelves and drawers full of knickknacks and strange things. (I don’t in reality, but there is a lot of miscellaneous junk.) It actually looked like a shop. But it was all mine and it all had to be packed. I had to do some kind of cooking duty. Some woman, a female supervisor or whatever it would be called in the army, was telling me to do this duty (I have a female boss at work – I said the other day that I was sexist and didn’t like Ivanka Trump, but actually, to be more specific, it’s only particular kinds of managers who are harder for me to deal with if they are female).

It was also like college, the ‘I’m failing at college, haven’t done my homework in weeks, and haven’t attended any of my classes in weeks’ dream. It was the last day and I had to get all this stuff packed, and I was thinking I was going to just throw it in boxes and bags unsorted (which is probably what really will happen). Jason Y. was there – he had actually gone to the Marines in real life, and it was the army in this dream. For some reason he was walking through the ‘shop’ where all the shelves of knickknacks were. That’s probably because, in real life, he actually helped me move my bags either to, or from, the tent, or both. He helped *a lot*. (Matthew didn’t appear in this dream, and I don’t recall seeing Eric Y. either – they also both helped, but not as much as Jason.)

The ‘army’ in the dream was actually like a campground, and I remember it was the happiest place of my life. I do actually have a memory of going on a camping trip with a church group, my friend Sarah’s church, and it was indeed one of the happiest things I ever did. We had a feeling of camaraderie, of getting to know each other, as a relatively small group of a couple dozen people. I was maybe 13 years old, and I kissed a boy for the first time. Or maybe 15 years old? I forget now.

I didn’t actually get this done in the dream. I woke up before I barely even started throwing my stuff into the bags. I had decided to skip kitchen duty and was just going to pack instead. This all mirrors real life except that it was a more exotic location and scenario.


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