I hope this Ivanka Trump workforce development program isn’t anything like Michelle Obama’s school lunch program

The title speaks for itself. It was just a joke. I’m sexist and I’m not thrilled about females in power. Maybe if I actually *liked* any of the females in power it would be different. But a ‘workforce development program’ sounds kind of scary and ominous, and it could affect me personally. Maybe everyone will be required to work 60 hours a week or go to jail. Or be required to take some kind of training, or go to jail. Or be required to climb the corporate ladder instead of passively remaining at the bottom of the ladder.

I need to quote from an article I put on facebook recently about how college students can do nothing except pay college loans, and the vast majority of all our economic system is either the paying of student loans to the banks, or the paying of loans for real estate. All our money is being spent on those things, and not on buying products and services. So for our ‘workforce’ to ‘develop’ at all, we need to totally disempower the entire banking industry, the student loan industry, college tuitions, and mortgages.

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