Okay, don’t leave the bergamot oil out all night. Weird dreams, weird sensations, fatigue; not good for the cat either

Yeah, bergamot is medicinal. I was reading about it. They said it doesn’t contain synephrine, in spite of being a crossbreed between a bitter orange and a lemon or something. The bitter orange contains synephrine, which is similar to ephedrine. It causes weight loss, and it clears your sinuses, and I’m going to assume it causes permanent insomnia like ephedrine, and possibly contamination. I slept fine (other than dreaming weird dreams).

Oh crap, I forgot that it’s Sunday. The guy upstairs is singing. I am not complaining. I like to hear him singing. I forgot that I might possibly go to church, except that I am getting a sense of emergency about cleaning up my apartment and getting ready to be evicted (at the end of the lease).

I might not try to go to church today, if I am developing a
much-needed sense of emergency.

I woke up in the middle of the night and could feel that my heart was beating strangely. I had earplugs in, so I could hear the sound of the blood going through my veins, and it was making an unusual whooshing pattern, not like the usual thumping. Bergamot affects the circulatory system somehow – it is a statin, and it does a few things besides that, I just don’t recall exactly what.

I touched Jacob, and he had the ‘dead’ feeling that the cats have if they are poisoned, except it wasn’t that bad. I have touched the cat and felt that dead feeling a couple of times. Once, it happened when I gave a tiny bit of dewormer to Max, because I was living with Mary Jo, and she was complaining because he had smelly diarrhea in her litter box downstairs (this was before she decided I must keep them both locked in my room at all times), and this was probably because of the particular food I was giving him at the time, but I thought it might be worms.

So I gave him an extremely small amount of dewormer, very reluctantly, and I swear to god it nearly killed him. I found him asleep and I touched him, and he felt all cold and dead somehow. He woke up and didn’t die, but he was sluggish. I never gave him dewormer again, not even a small amount. I swear I barely gave him any at all.

The one time when Jacob felt dead was when I was camping. It was cold at night and he was in the sleeping bag with me, like always, except he was down too far inside the bag and couldn’t get air. He didn’t seem to mind going down inside the sleeping bag and suffocating, so I figured it was okay. He never seemed to have any desire to seek fresh air. We fell asleep, and I woke up and touched him and he didn’t respond, and he felt dead. I opened up the sleeping bag to let the air in and I started lifting and dragging him up out of there, and he woke up.

So, he had a little bit of that feeling in the middle of the night last night, but not badly. It was like the bergamot had a sort of sedative effect. It’s no longer making me feel happy or changing my perception like it seemed to do at first. It seems to be doing very little of use to me.

I knew I had to do something about the bergamot, but I didn’t feel like getting up. I was just aware that I could smell it, and aware that it was making my blood pump strangely, and aware that it was making me tired. I just had to cover it up with something so that the smell couldn’t go everywhere. I wasn’t able to actually wash it down the sink or anything, not at that time, although I probably will do that later.

I was having a dream which contained ‘offensive content.’ All of my dreams are artificially written by mind controllers. I disagree with the New Age community that dreams are given by ‘telepathy’ and that this is benign or good and that this is coming from underground civilizations like the Anshar. It is not a benign thing. It is a violation of the free will, which I will write about next in a separate post, because I had two caffeine pills to wake up this morning. If the Anshar are doing this artificial telepathy and the constant, daily, unavoidable, inescapable dream-scripting, then they are not a benevolent civilization.

Since not everybody reads Corey Goode and David Wilcock, I will explain that the Anshar are a group of humans who live literally underground and have been there for millions of years, or rather, they have documented their own genealogy for millions of years – I don’t know whether they have inhabited planet Earth that long. They live so deep underground that we don’t accidentally bump into them, and they have an advanced civilization. The underground civilizations are supposedly going to start interacting with the above ground people, and have supposedly been discovered because we have ground penetrating radar and other technologies now, which are being used to attack them and destroy them, of course – that’s what we always do. OMG! Some people have freedom! Destroy them!

So they are being forced to defend themselves against this, which is probably the reason why they are allegedly going to come out and become visible and ask for our help, but of course we too are helpless to do anything for them. We have no control over what our government does, and we are all slaves.

Anyway, so I was dreaming. I know that I was flying in the dream, and I had also cut my hair off. My hair is hip length, and I chopped it all off into this really badly done boy-short haircut, which was still a couple inches long and shaggy and irregular. I was combing and styling it and looking at myself in the mirror. I think I was trying to fix it. I have no memory of actually cutting it. I was just deciding that now that I had chopped it all off, I would just let it grow again. That would be the goal, because I really enjoy watching the progress of my hair as it grows, and now that I no longer trim the ‘split ends,’ which I decided don’t really exist and aren’t important (they do exist, but they are not as much of a problem as people think they are), I am able to grow the hair much faster than I used to. I always used to destroy my progress because I would think something needed fixed and so I would cut a couple inches off, and a couple inches is months and months and months of hair.

Then at some point I was able to see this ‘bat.’ I guess he was like ‘Batman.’ But he didn’t look like he had a human face. He was an anthropomorphized animal. Maybe that’s a reference to how I said that the free energy thing was like a little baseball bat coming from the magnets. The ‘bat’ in the dream was spreading out his cloak, which was also his wings, and then radiating all this ‘dark energy,’ and he said that he was filled with lots of fibers of dark energy going into him, so he was going to have an orgasm, except that wasn’t the word that they used. They used some synonym. Then, in the dream, they actually put this block in front of him so that you couldn’t see what was going on, and it had words written on it, like ‘censored material’ or something like that, or ‘explicit content.’

The thing about ‘fibers of dark energy’ probably came from a website I read a few days ago, where one guy was having a vision of the energy parasites that permeate all of our world, little threads or fibers of parasitic invisible energy worms going into everyone everywhere and stealing the life out of us. I myself, for some reason, do not like the interpretation of ‘energy parasites everywhere.’ I feel that it is somehow misleading, somehow disinformation, but I can’t really explain why. It seems to lend itself to not being actionable, like there is no way to understand these things and no way to fight back against them, or something.

So the bat spread out his wings and was shaking around for several seconds with this ‘explicit content’ block in front of him as he ‘radiated all his dark energy.’

There was another part of the dream, which I had forgotten, and it was really scary. I was flying, and I was able to fly up into the trees. This was good, because we were being attacked and I had to escape. I was in a house at some point, and I thought somebody was coming into the house that I had to escape from. I think I went down into the basement or down a dark stairwell. I was hiding and trying to be quiet. It wasn’t just my house, it was all the houses, everywhere, like in Schindler’s List when the Nazis are invading the entire Jewish ghetto.

I went outside and I knew I was visible to everyone, but I just flew up into a tree. I was looking down, and I saw, on a nearby street, something really really scary. There was this giant, walking beside a really small person, who I guess was its captive. The giant was extremely tall and strangely shaped, with an unbalanced look. It was like it had kind of short legs and a really, really long torso, or something. The giant was about twenty or thirty feet tall. It wasn’t just a normal looking person, it was a strange looking person. These giants were what was attacking us.

I don’t really remember anything else. I just somehow knew that everyone everywhere was being attacked and we were no longer safe in our houses. (This is literally true if you understand that we are being attacked and spied on with electronic weapons.) The ‘giants’ might symbolically represent ordinary humans who are extremely wealthy and powerful, or giant groups of wealthy powerful people,
corporations, families, whatever, whoever is in power. But if they were merely one giant body, it would be relatively easy to kill them. The reality is that they are much, much more gigantic and unkillable than they were in this dream.

Note, I take literally all the stuff Corey Goode says – I assume it is meant to be taken literally. However, there are non-literal interpretations of it as well. Literally, these people are saying that there are actual giants, and giant skeletons that have been found and kept hidden from the public. Giant aliens a hundred feet tall have built underground bases all over the solar system. And we, the general public, have no way to find out about this, and the people who *are* able to are keeping it a secret from us.

Anyway, I know I dream all the time, but I don’t recall the dreams or see them very clearly unless I’m under the influence of a drug, and last night, it was bergamot. So I decided I need to use bergamot with more caution, and don’t just leave it open all night long. What I had done was, I put a few drops of it onto a little lid, just like I do with all my oils, and I just leave that lid sitting out. I can’t even really smell it most of the time unless I get up close to it, but even so, it was enough to affect me. The window was wide open, too, so there was plenty of fresh air.

So in the middle of the night when I woke up, I found something to put over top of this little lid to stop the smell from escaping. After a few minutes, I felt a difference – the concentration of the smell had gone down. I went back to sleep.


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