Bergamot oil might be good for me

I just bought bergamot essential oil from the store that has organic oils here in town, McClanahan’s. I don’t know how they’re extracted, so they could still have solvents. I bought bergamot on a whim, as I am gradually buying all the different ones they sell. I put down a drop on the concrete wall here where I’m waiting for the bus, and this smell makes me feel happy. What kind of withdrawal does it have? Does it cause mania? Does it cause sexual arousal? I am now very interested in testing bergamot. I truly love my essential oils collection. It gives me novelty. And my sense of smell is so weak, I can only smell things that are super strong.

One Response to “Bergamot oil might be good for me”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    This is an interesting blogpost on spaying and neutering.

    Spaying and Neutering: The Murder of Natural Instinct by Forbidden Truth Blog:

    Kitten Koder has a few posts on the Spayig and Neutering subject.

    Letter to Seattle and Doney Clinics by The Kitten Who Roars:

    Spaying and Neutering – The Evil Hypocrisy by Peppers Furever Home:

    Do you think there may be a murderous, genocidal, anti-all-living-beings, anti-nature* agenda behind the spay-and-neuter dogma?

    * To fight Nature is ultimately futile because nature fights back if you fight it, whether it be with antiperspirants**, extensive agriculture***, gonadectomies, clothing-mandatory attitudes and nudity taboos, restrictive clothing****, pesticides and herbicides, GMOs, vaccines, EMFs, and pharmaceuticals. If you fight nature enough, you may end up with a higher risk for a degenerative disease, like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism.

    ** Sweating is a healthy natural response that removes toxins. If you inhibit sweating, toxins get backed up. The aluminum in antiperspirants can also cause breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.
    *** Nature may be more forgiving toward horticulture and the limited agriculture of many traditional cultures, certainly more forgiving toward that than the pesticide, herbicide, monoculture, factory farm, and GMO ridden thing that is modern extensive industrialized agriculture.
    **** Underwire bras can contribute to breast cancer, especially when paired with antiperspirants because bras restrict the movement of the breasts and the flow of the lymph nodes.

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