I think ashwaganda causes my stomach to get upset two days after I take it

It might be like withdrawal. I felt weird all day, sick at my stomach and kind of shivering for a while. I only had an extremely small amount of ashwaganda a couple days ago.

What it is doing, aside from making me think about perpetual motion machines, is it makes me want to leave this town. I’ve been thinking about moving, where I would go, what kind of place I would want to live in.

I just watched Alien Covenant, and I should not have watched it. It had a bad ending, and I was confused. I think maybe the bad android cut off the good android’s face, and stitched it on to his own face like a mask. I don’t need such a depressing ending.

I want to ask if I can take time off work somehow, but we don’t have flexible scheduling there. I need a few weeks to get my life together. My chronic fatigue is out of control. It’s not working, either if I use caffeine, or stop using caffeine. Ashwaganda isn’t really an anti-fatigue drug. It just makes me kind of insane.


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