Oh, woo-woo, I bwoke a waw of physics

8:13 AM 6/8/2017

I had to hear the voices in my head FREAKING OUT because I started playing with the magnet motor again. It is absolutely intolerable for them to endure a single fraction of a second of uncertainty or wrongness – it has to be fixed instantly, by brainwashing me with all the ‘correct’ answers.

I have a high IQ and I got very good grades in all my science classes. I am perfectly capable of memorizing the official laws of physics. I know what they are and have heard them thousands of times. Having someone put voices in my head to ‘correct’ my ‘wrong’ thinking is not necessary.

Memorizing the official laws of physics is not what I want to do. What I want is to *understand*, in a visceral, physical, kinesthetic way, the *meaning* of things like ‘force’ and ‘force field,’ concepts which are vague and taken for granted. Everybody just assumes they know what those things are, memorizes all the laws they’re told to memorize, doesn’t ask any questions, and just tries to get a good grade on the physics test.

We do not at all have a COMPLETE explanation for every single law of physics or every single physical phenomenon and we are not at all finished developing every single technological device that can possibly be developed.

I just want to enjoy myself by exploring the very basic assumptions of physics and seeing if I can explain them in my own way.

What is the story behind the magnet motor?

A year or so ago I was seeing youtube videos mentioning a little computer fan with magnets on it, which supposedly would spin if you held another magnet nearby. I looked at the video and I got the concept. I decided to try it myself, partly because there were millions of trolls absolutely having a stroke.

After I attempted to make the same thing, I decided that I agreed with a debunker who had said this video was fake and that it probably used a separate little motor to move the fan. It wasn’t possible to just make the fan spin by holding a magnet in one place without moving it.

However, it’s possible to move it by *just barely* moving the magnet you hold in your hand. So I started trying to understand exactly what it was doing and why it worked that way, but the little computer fan was very hard to use and the magnets were only duct taped on, and right after that, I was forced to move out of the house that I was in and go camping again, so I got rid of some of my stuff, including the magnets.

The little fidget spinner is much easier to use. It already has a metal hole which is exactly the right size to put a neodymium magnet into, and it spins freely for a long time with little effort. So it is perfect for this project.

What I am trying to understand is, what is ‘force,’ how does magnetic force work, why doesn’t it work the way that I envision something working, why doesn’t it behave like an ‘object’ or a ‘wheel’ that applies force, and so on? I don’t want a button-pushing mind controller to give me all the answers and burn them into my brain. I want to be able to ask the questions I have and really, really understand them. If something is a ‘law,’ then WHY is it a ‘law?’ Not even that, but just not even assuming that those laws are even relevant – the ‘law of conservation of energy’ isn’t even relevant because this isn’t a closed system, it’s an open system, which is freely letting in tons of energy from the outside world. It doesn’t even apply!

The other thing is, it’s unfair that I have to go my entire life tolerating a world full of people who are believing and doing things that I think are very, very, very wrong, such as the belief that long hair on men is unimportant and trivial, not worth worrying about, not worth challenging society about, even if they might agree with me that it should be okay or that it ‘looks good’ or something – it’s still, to them, trivial and not worth the fight.

And I’ve been reading the David Wilcock/Corey Goode forums where a lot of people believe there’s going to be a solar flash that causes the human race to evolve, or they believe that there’s going to be a disclosure event after which the general public is finally informed about all the things that exist that are being kept hidden from us. I think I got kicked out of one of those forums yesterday – I’m not sure, it’s on facebook, and I’ve never been kicked out of a facebook forum before – it actually just doesn’t even show up in the search results now, which is weird. So I’m a little annoyed with their stupidiocy.

So, I tolerate all their beliefs that I’m sure are wrong. And I tolerate the millions of Christians around me, even when I meet one up close, like Matthew, who wanted to actively read and understand the bible in my presence. I am able to tolerate those things and able to love some of the people who are doing and believing those things. I also tolerate a world in which almost every single thing that every single person does is wrong to me – such as forcing everyone to work at a slave job for X hours a week, or putting electricity and radio waves into the environment and forcing me to sit in the
electromagnetic pollution they’ve created, or attacking me and preventing me from using my brain because they have some lunatic belief that something terrible will happen if I’m allowed to freely use my brain.

So, I think it’s only fair that someone should have to put up with me imagining that it’s possible to create a perpetual motion machine using magnets, and to use this exercise as a way to understand exactly what magnetism is and exactly what the physical forces are. In order to understand it, I have to be allowed to think my own thoughts, and not to have words and phrases burned into my brain by the mind controllers who seem totally unable to speak an original word without using the ‘official language’ that we are ‘supposed to use’ when we talk about physical phenomena.

I’m not going to walk off the edge of a cliff and expect a magical force to catch me and keep me from falling. I’m not delusional about laws of physics. Nobody on earth is going to be harmed by what I am doing with a fidget spinner and neodymium magnets. SO THERE IS NO NEED TO PUT THESE FREAKING-OUT VOICES IN MY HEAD as though I have done something terrible which is absolutely the end of the world. I do not need to be corrected or taught the right way. I’m smarter than you are and I probably understand physics even better than you do.

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