I need more spinners

I only got one. I don’t know where I could buy one at 11:00 after I get out of work, unless Walmart has them, but I won’t feel like going to Walmart after work. I need to make the spinners go in opposite directions and produce antigravity.

Antigravity is probably my main goal. But for now I just want to make free energy. There’s something weird about magnets. I feel that they are a strange manifestation of force, and so it’s not like hitting the spinner with a solid object at 5 joules of energy or something. The magnetic field amplifies the force of your tiny hand movements. Or it feels like it. I have no way to measure anything. It’s a weightless object. A magnetic field has no mass. Yet it’s like swinging a tiny little baseball bat at something. The little baseball bat has no weight. I’m still not explaining why it seems like it magnifies the force though. I should draw pictures of it. The antigravity patent said electromagnetism is curved spacetime. Maybe I’ll draw it and see if that helps me clarify my thought.


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