“Wait 36 hours???” that’s bloody annoying as fuck

I’ve called the customer service from the UPS store, and they told me to talk to Amazon. I also saw people talking about this with regard to Amazon on some of the web pages I was looking at. So I am now going through them. Their pages say ‘wait 36 hours – sometimes a package will say it’s delivered up to 36 hours before it really gets there.’ That means that some idiot is signing it off as delivered when it isn’t.

And this isn’t being delivered to a house, where somebody might steal it off the porch. It’s being delivered to a public place where they have mail slots and receive and send packages all the time. It’s not going to be accidentally left on someone’s doorstep and then stolen by a passing stranger. It says it was delivered during business hours around 11 am yesterday, so they would have walked in and given it to the people at the UPS store.

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