Shungite: My package has been stolen from the mail

I’m really feeling like a ‘targeted individual’ today. I don’t usually feel like that, and I don’t usually relate to what other targeted individuals experience, but today, I do. They often claim that somebody is tampering with their mail. I’ve never had that before that I’m aware of, although it could happen and I didn’t know. But this time, it very clearly says on the Amazon website and the package tracking website that the package was delivered to my UPS store yesterday and it was accepted. It is absolutely not there, and the lady who talked to me this morning seems to be clueless and has no idea what could have happened to it, and there is no record of it in the computer.

I’m going to call them later today and see if it ever came back.

If it does come back, will I have real shungite, or something fake? What’s being done to it, and why?

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