Shungite has a lot of potential – it’s very relaxing

I only got one polished tile and a handful (13) of tumbled stones. I want to try a few different formations of it, like the noble shungite in raw chunks, and unpolished tiles. The tile seems to be stronger than the stones. If I had only gotten the stones, I would have thought that they were not that amazing, although they still have a soothing warmth. I read that you benefit most by touching the raw powder, which I do have on the back of the polished tile. I actually preferred to touch my skin with the ashy side of the tile, not the polished side, and I got ashes all over my face, although it doesn’t matter because I’m at home and I don’t have to work today.

The tile seems to collect heat and radiate it back at me, so that it almost feels like I’m holding a heating pad against my skin. Maybe it changes energy into infrared, or at least, reradiates infrared.

I laid in bed for a long time putting the handful of stones or the tile in various places all over my body. I do really need to have a lot more tiles. It gives a pleasant, relaxing sensation of warmth wherever it touches. It isn’t a super tickly sensation. I don’t like it when a mineral or a chemical gives an extremely strong pleasure tickle – that gets tiring, sickening, or overwhelming after a while. It doesn’t feel like that. I just became very, very relaxed while lying in bed with this shungite.

I would like to get a few more forms of it, over time, although I can’t afford to buy it all at once. I need a healing room filled with various experimental forms of shungite, such as a tub filled with little rocks that you immerse yourself into. Or, you could lie down in the powder.

I can’t say whether it blocks against the electronic weapon attacks, because I just don’t have enough tiles to block from all directions. I could only put the tile in one small place at a time, and just observe how that one place was feeling. But that one place, wherever it was, felt very soothed and comforted. It feels very benign.

Even Jacob the cat relaxed and was curled up against me, after I rubbed the tile all over his body, which was kind of funny because he didn’t know what I was doing and he sort of liked it and was sort of annoyed by it.

So I am not going to be someone who merely puts a block of it on the wireless router or something. I want to immerse myself in it, and it would also be nice to have it in a form that I can wear out in public, like a helmet, or chain mail all over my body.

I did not have enough shielding to be able to experiment with trying to think different thoughts that normally get interrupted by attacks. I did still have various kinds of zapping, which still hit the parts of my body and head that were exposed, but that’s what I expected – I didn’t think it would somehow provide this huge bubble of protection all around me. It has to be done like a normal shield, something that completely surrounds you.

I took a kind of dumb looking selfie. I probably looked dumb because I was still relaxed, although I like it that my eyes looked very clear in that photo. I also have soot on my face but I’m not sure how visible it is.

I only know that I want to buy, and experiment with, a lot more shungite in many different forms. It does have a lot of potential, although it won’t be fully effective unless it forms a completely shielded area, I think.

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